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Plus sized littles


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So I'm a little, I'm 5ft3 and I weigh 160lbs. Sometimes I find it hard to feel little due to my body. I'm happy with my body it's just hard when you can't find cutesy clothes that fit.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

Any suggestions?

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Ummmm I like to wear knee or thigh high socks... They always make me feel little.I'm not plus sized but socks might be easy to find... I dunno... Sorry. Oh! Hair bows! They make me feel little too, even when I have to dress like a grown up, if I put in a cute hair clip with a bow or a pretty bobby pin I'm happy
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I feel your pain, I'm 5'1 and 220 lbs, and desperately trying to lose weight. A lot of places will make custom clothes and if you regularly wear onesies, Onesies Down Under goes up to a size 4XL, and a lot of their models are plus size so you can get an idea of what they might look like. The designs are adorable as well as they're made specifically for littles!!

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Guest Dominik

I am not an oversizes little, but an oversized Daddy. It's not easier for me.


Littles also can be plus sizes, but they are still cute. And I think that this is most important. I also have some people around me who are plus sized, and they also are attractive, cute and beautiful.


So feel comfortable: it is a very big advantage that you can be little without thinking of being plus sized. Or minus sized. Or too tall. Or too old. Or whatever.


Daddies love cute littles. No matter if they are plus, minus, freckled....

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