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Princess ignores me when cranky, what do I do?


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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to being in a ddlg relationship and I'm in need of advice. I love my princess so much and I want to be the best for her possible.


We have our rules and boundaries, but I have always struggled with finding fit punishments for when she is acting up, depending on the situation. The one I really need help with is that sometimes when my princess is cranky, she will ignore me. Turn her back, be completely silent, and try to move away every time try to get close and comfort her. She gets really depressed from time to time, and she normally does this when she is. I know she wants me to stand up and discipline her for acting up at these times, but it's really hard for me to think of appropriate ways to do this when SHE is the one ignoring me and I don't want to make her feel worse and dive deeper into depression. I don't think ignoring her, putting her in time-out, or similar will be any use in this situation because she will just keep doing it from these positions, and get more down.


Any help please? I'm still new to being a daddy and I am constantly trying to be better and more loving for my little. This has been a real concern for me and outside input would be really awesome. <3 <3 <3

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Guest JekyllTheMysticalDaddy
Try getting her to write lines, or write an apology, or even write how she is feeling. It will give her a chance to centre herself and feel productive while you are still able to communicate that this isn't okay
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The best thing you can do is talk to her. Communication is everything and it will help a ton. Try to do it when youre both level-headed and if it really bothers you ask her to stop and if you want to go the punishment route ask her to give you ideas of what would be okay with her.
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Guest infinitecases

I don't think punishing her or putting her in time out will help. Sometimes I get really anxious or down and I just want to be by myself.. and against my better judgement.. it feels as if I can't even talk to daddy - that's not because I don't want to but being in that state of mind isn't the best and I don't want to be a burden always saying I feel that way instead of being happy. If Daddy were to not realise I felt like that and we were to talk normally, it would make me feel even worse and yet if Daddy knows and comforts me, I find it difficult at first explaining it anyway, but it always works in making me feel better.


Either way, talking to you will definitely make her feel better even if she refuses it at first. It feels as if she's pushing you away out of habit, so if you just keep trying, she'll relent and let you comfort her, it's the fastest way to feel better! 

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