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  1. Hello everybody! I have recently gotten together with a girl and we're both into ddlg and she goes little fairly often, usually once per day. The thing is we live across town so im not always there but we will voice/video call when shes feeling little. What sort of things can I do to comfort her and make her feel safe? She tends to say that shes lonely and tired (mentally and physically) earlier in the day. She's been going non-verbal when shes little so im left by myself to try and keep a convorsation going as shes falling asleep. She likes when I talk about random things but im just curious if theres any other things that ya'll do with your non-verbal littles? or am I doing okay? I would love to have interactions weither it be games or activites I can do with her. I'm just not used to this type of thing because the only other little I had before was done fully through texting and we would roleplay and be in our own littlespace world. (for example she could be sitting on the couch and I could setup a movie night and get popcorn and juice etc. through text but its not the same speaking like that lol) So im not sure if shes like that but i'll have to ask and see. It's a lot easier for me to roleplay through text verses voice. What could I suggest or do, or what do ya'll like to do? Thanks!
  2. Guest

    Being your own CG?

    Hello ^^ I'm not entirely sure how would be best to write my thoughts down other than letting them sort of stream out of me, so I'm sorry if this is jarring or muddled to read. I have been with my partner for a while now, and after some initial anxiety and consideration, I don't think that he can provide me with the care that I need from a CG. My fundamental response to issues within a relationship is always communication. When I first realised that it was more of an issue than just a fleeting thought, I did acknowledge that this could be due to my own selfish needs rather than a joint problem that concerns both of us, but the worry built up in my head, and I knew I needed to talk to him. I know my partner's schedule, and I know that he is a busy man. His job comes first, and I am actively trying to make peace with that fact. I tentatively made my feelings known about three weeks ago, and the conversation was definitely opened and closed that night. I explained that we rarely had time to engage in CG/L behaviours, and when we did it was always before bedtime, so it felt rushed to me. Sort of like finally shedding my adult skin and settling into my little self, only to have to shove my adult skin back on, half-asleep and dazed. My CG reiterated that he is nearly always stressed before bed, and whilst he insists that caring for me is theraputic, he needs support from my adult side far more than my little side. I knew this before we talked, and the guilt is still eating away at me. We discussed the idea of a platonic caregiver, but neither of us felt as though it was right. I struggle to develop and maintain relationships with anyone, let alone someone that I would need to trust so deeply. This leads me to the following question: are there any littles out there who sort of... care for themselves utilising techniques that a CG would? Or are CG-less littles by nature? Admittedly, I'm really struggling to regress into my little self on my own. Due to trauma, it's a coping mechanism for me, and whilst typically I view being a little as a core part of who I am with such positive emphasis, I find myself wishing that I wasn't a little because I hate making my partner feel inadequate. Any advice whatsoever would be whole-heartedly appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to DDLG, but it feels like home. I have been living it in ways throughout my life. It is so, so exciting, but it is also vulnerable and scary, so I would love to meet some new little friends and experienced daddies to chat things through with. My litle me is around 5 years old. I am really interested in learning more from more experienced people, primarily how to explore little space to it's fullest while nurturing and protecting little me. I would also like to know if people got to know their little self first, without a Daddy, or if a Daddy helped them through it. I have a bit heart, and a lot of love to give. Really up for making new connections. A bit about me: Big space interests: Yoga, exploring, meditation, fun, photogrpahy Both space interests: adventuring, violin, singing, dancing, craft, drawing, the beach Little space interests: so far- colouring, stuffies, lego, model villages, water parks Hope to chat to some people soon. Princess mononoke
  4. LittleHunter0076

    Haven’t used this in a long time

    I haven’t used this in a long time but first time using it on an iPhone having some difficulty finding where people can meet on here
  5. hi there- new to this site but not new to ddlg/mdlb relationships ! does anyone have any advice for doms feeling overwhelmed when their little is almost always stressed/anxious ? i try to be there for him of course, cuddle him in vr and comfort him when he's able to listen- but sometimes i feel things are a bit unfair ?</3 when something is wrong with me i feel like my little passes it off most of the time even though i'm trying a better way to approach with how i feel. i've been open and told him that i'm anxious about a few things but over time i feel like he's just passing it off now- he doesn't bother trying to put as much effort in comforting me with these things and i don't know if i should treat him the same or not. sometimes i feel like our relationship is that classic meme of big text little text, me being the big text whenever somethings wrong with him. i've tried talking to him about this and how it makes me feel but again, i guess over time it started to not matter. does anyone have any advice ? i appreciate it ( sorry if i put this in the wrong forum, i'm not sure how this site works :< )
  6. NaughtayPumpkinLatte

    Advice For A New Little!

    Hello, I’m Luna! Hope you’re all super well! I’ll start off by saying that I know every relationship is different, and ought to be tailored to fit the individuals and how they coincide together. That being said, I had some questions and was hoping to get some advice from experienced people in the lifestyle, as this is relatively new to me, and I am finally considering for the first time, looking for a Daddy, or Mommy. 1. What do you think the absolute most important thing is in a cg/little role? Something that is important in every dynamic? 2. What are some helpful ways that you have found, to slip into headspace whenever you’re feeling stressed, or anxious, or is it just natural for you? 3. What’s some of your favorite, but unique things to do while you’re in headspace? 4. Do you find it easier to go into headspace with certain people, or on your own? Just curious and would love any info or advice passed along my way!
  7. littlegirlxoxoxo

    i feel like im fighting my little

    im so confused. i am in love with this boy who lives very far away and we cant see eachother that much. he doesnt know im a little and i dont think he would understand. my ex did and was able to cater to it as he was a cg but he also damaged it a lot and i havent rlly felt comfortable in my little space since (july) and i really miss it. now theres this boy at school who, idk if he does it on purpose, but always manages to put me in my little space, however ik he talks to a lot of girls and ive talked to him and hes flirty but if someone asks, theres nothing going on between us. so i think hes a player, my big self tells me to stay away, bc i feel like he would hurt me. however the little in me cant seem to stay away, even when he doesnt show any interest in me. i just want a cg again and im missing it sm im fighting my little about a boy who clearly doesnt like me like that and will probs hurt me. but theres also the fact the other boy who lives far is amazing, i love him sm but i cant tell him abt the whole ddlg thing bc i think it will freak him out and it will make everything awkward. why do i feel like this?? am i a bad person?? what do i do???
  8. Ganteous

    Indians doms/littles

    Hey so I'm curious, I haven't seen anyone from India and was even wondering if there are people out there that are into ddlg. I feel like I'm the only one and it's kind of sad. It's hard to balance the Indian society with American society already and adding Ddlg into it is a new mix. I guess it's a two part question. 1. Are there any indian people into ddlg that you have seen or are yourself. 2. How do you manage your different personas?
  9. So this is probably going to be quite jumbled, I'm sorry but I just don't know what to do. I got invited to join a cg/l discord server (which I won't name), which I did. I arrived and filled out all the introduction stuff they wanted, read the rules and started interacting with people. I got told I posted something inappropriate (called someone a pet name by accident) so I apologised privately and publicly to all involved, as well as posting on the mental health section in case I had accidentally triggered someone. I fully accept this mistake and realise how wrong and inappropriate it was and when I messaged the moderator to apologise I offered to leave if they thought it necessary. They did not, but reprimanded me for "making drama" and "making myself the victim". I was very confused by this and they said that I was over apologising and to just leave it. So I said I'd give the group space before I returned, which again was taken as making myself the victim, which was not at all my intention. I returned the next day and began interacting with members again (as they had said I could) but as soon as I did the conversation would stop until I didn't respond then continue. I then see that some of my messages have been deleted and I messaged the (same) mod to ask why. They said that I was again creating drama and that I was making myself the victim, which I was confused about because the message was "your outfit is so cute! I'm glad you can dress up!" I then said to the mod that I felt like they were trying to push me out of the group due to the conversation issue and my messages being deleted, and that if they wanted me to leave to say so. They responded by saying "we told you not to attention seek" and kicked me. I'm really confused by this, yes I made a mistake with the first incident mentioned, but I apologised both publicly and privately to all involved and they told me to move on so I did. What I don't understand is the seemingly retaliatory deleting of messages and conversation stopping (it would start in another chat that I currently wasn't talking in with the same conversation). I just seem to not get on very well with littles because this is the result I'm not going to try and get back in the group because I feel that they don't want me there and that it is just going to create drama. I just need some perspective I guess cause I tried to do everything right and this is the result. I had read the rules
  10. Hello I'm Ayaka most people just call me Aya. for about two years now I've been trying to get my partner to participate in littlespace with me but he really seems to hate it... what do I do? EDIT: my partner says he loves littlespace and has done it with his other partners in the past so this is why I'm confused
  11. moonlightbae14

    idk anymore

    hi, i'm writing this because i'd like feedback from the community. it's not something i'd ever think to ask, i just wanna know why i get ghosted. even when making friends (whether here or on other platforms) i start a new friendship/relationship for a few months and then they slowly back up and talk to me less and less until i realize they've either un-added me, been deleted/blocked from the forum or blocked me. i do my best to talk and engage in conversation in order to keep things going. i'm not saying i literally try to force something- i just match the same energy i'm being given. i've recently been removed as a friend from snapchat and instagram-not tiktok yet. i apologized to him on tiktok if i did anything to upset him. i just genuinely don't know anymore. if it's not this, it's usually things from home that make my mental health worsen. i'm getting my therapist involved again so there's something i can look forward to and vent. i'd really appreciate some feedback. maybe i'm doing something wrong or saying the incorrect things. sending you guys love and light.
  12. anotheratticdoll

    Trans little in need of help!

    Hi, I never thought I’d be here making a post like this, but. My father found out about my transitioning process and after plenty of verbal abuse, refuses to help me out financially as he used to. I’m still suffering from the after-effects of Covid-19, and even though I’ve been trying my best, I just couldn’t secure a job yet, and it isn’t easy at all, in the crisis we are in. I still have bills from medications to pay, living, housing, and I don’t know who else I can reach out to, if you have even a dollar, it’s helping me out, thank you so much, and I’m so sorry to bother. Thank you for your attention and if you can please do help, if not, please do share this around.I'm so sorry if this isn't the place, but I'm really hopeless right now. Message for info
  13. ~Littles during their period and using diapers~ I figured this was a thought I had in mind I've never see people talk about yet! Littles with their period, no matter their gender and caregivers can share their experience if they want and give tips to each other and maybe give me an answer or chat about this topic! So I know some of us like using diapers or seeing their little in diapers. Some use them to feel little and some others also use their utility. But What about when you're on your period? Do you still wear diapers? What if you're a little that uses them without using their functionality but leave a mess/stain inside? And what about littles who also do stuff inside their diapers while being on their period. How were your experiences so far? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Doesn't it remind you more of your physical age and kind of ruin your little space? Do the blood stains go through and stain the onesie if you wear it with a onesie? What about you caregivers? If your duty is for example changing the diapers of your little, do you have to be extra careful or do it as double as often because of the stains? Does it make your little less valuable or does it make them uncomfortable or shy? What are your guys experiences about the smell, do you smell it? I don't wear often diapers, I just own a pack of pull ups but they're super duper comfy! My problem is just that sometimes while on my period I feel even more the urge to get into little space, but end up so many times staining my onesies, which gets quite frustrating... Even if I wear panties under my onesies and a tampon or pads. And that get's me that frustrated because I love my onesies and am attached to them and get immediately adult thoughts once they're dirty like ''I have to clean them up'', or think too much about how to fix it asap, which ruins my little space. But due the hormonal change and stress I need to be more a little to relax and have some fun, so it's really difficult for me... That's why I though about the diapers, they could be like xxl pads and like that my onesies stay clean, but maybe seeing the red colour inside would again ruin my little space because it would remind me that I'm an adult since littles don't bleed... I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about that topic! Maybe if I read some more about it I can make up a decision if I should try it during my period soo I can be in little space and use my onesies without staining them or better not! Thanks for reading, greetings, puppy
  14. yogirltori17

    I have an issue..

    For the past four days I have been lashing out hard...I broke my friends bathroom door and I had left a few holes in her wall....the main reason I have been doing this is because of a childhood trauma that haunts me to this very day.....I dont know what to do....Ive talked to everyone I could....I tried to do things I enjoy doing but nothing is helping me any suggestions? I do go to therapy for it though it helps a little....
  15. BunnyBeanz

    Problems regressing by myself.

    So, I'm very new to even accepting I'm a little, though I've went pretty hard in fast. I started around... June-ish, maybe a little later 2020 and I've been working on discovering boundaries and things that make me feel care-free and naïve and content. However, a lot of how I do that, is by how my Daddy responds to me, honestly. But I know I shouldn't *always* rely on him to help me regress or aid me with that kind of space. So, for other littles, how do you tend to be able to get yourself there? I was doing very good for a while, but there were somethings that happened recently that made me have to be bother very stressed and very big and that tends to make me have to be "defensive", you know; big and guarded because little space is so vulnerable it's too easy to get hurt in. And now that the big seems to be over, (for now) I'm having trouble enjoying things or regressing right.
  16. This is my first post, I apologize if I’m not following appropriate rules... To begin, my daddy and I have been dating for two years! There was always chemistry with us, and we were always very happy - at least for the first year Around the second year, we got kind of fight-ish, but we still loved each other a lot and we are intimate as well. We don’t see each other often, usually once a month, but we called almost every night! A few days ago I found out on my own (unfortunately due to logging into daddy’s account....) that he was cheating on me for A YEAR with another little!!! He called her everything he called me, and asked her to imagine everything he tells me too... He is my first boyfriend and first caregiver. This is my first heartbreak. Daddy seems very regretful and he even threw up from guilt... What do you guys recommend? I still love my daddy, but it hurts so much. They called together and did things I can’t even speak of, but I provided my daddy with those things too. I don’t understand This is the worst pain ever, he even referred to himself as HER daddy while talking to her!! He explained to me that he imagined me the whole time they called and stuff, and that everything we’ve ever done together was real. He’s promised to change too. I’ve decided to give him a second chance as friends but I don’t know if this was the right choice.. Thoughts? Ideas? Punishment for daddy? Any recommendations? Thank you. *** It was an ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with the other girl. They never met, nor does she live in the same stage as us either! She knew he had another little too, and girlfriend (both me.) He says they never did anything romantic, it was a “Friends with Benefits” thing. EDIT: He did break things off with her a little bit before I found out, and I’m more scared of being alone than being hurt by him again... I think he can change, but only if he really tries... He apologized to my family too, but we’re putting some distance in between us to see what happens I myself can’t get over how I overestimated his love and my trust for him... But I don’t think everything we’ve done is a lie either.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm sure this would've been asked before but I thought I'd ask here for advice. I'd like advice from other littles as well as caregivers. I'd like to start by saying I have no problem going into little space by myself. However recently I've noticed finding it difficult to get into little space when skyping with other littles. Little space is something that is very personal and intimate to me (I'm sure that's the same for every little). I've always assumed any difficulties I've had getting into little space with new caregivers is just me shielding myself, especially from strangers or people I didn't fully trust yet. And I'm not too worried about that, it's just who I am and I'm sure it's perfectly normal. However more recently I've struggled to go into little space with people I've known for over 3 years, and been in little space with both online and in person in the past. I'm finding it hard to work out why. Nothing has seemed to change recently (except the pandemic) to cause this. Usually I'd get snuggled under my favourite blanket, surround myself with toys and stuffies and I'd immediately be dragged into little space but that's not working at the moment when I'm interacting with other people. So I was wondering if anyone had some advice on other ways that may help me get over this sudden mental block and into little space. Thank you in advanced.
  18. Possibly_A_Little:/

    I Don't Know If I'm Actually A Little

    Okay so, oh im nervous. I'm just gonna jump in, I don't know if I'm actually a little or not, but I also think someone who isn't a little wouldn't be contemplating this but I really don't know. So don't hate me but I used to think age regression was strange, hear me out, I was also homophobic when I was younger and I came out as pan a few years back. It's possible it's my self concious trying to bury it deep down and prevent me from being who I am for fear of others reactions to it. thats not why I think I am a little though, I lived in an abusive household for most of my youth and my family was broke so I had to grow up fast and get a job and be an adult, and ever since I was little I just wanted to grow up and be an adult, but now with all of everything I guess I find myself longing for childish things. I know none of these are requirements and I'm not trying to disrespectful but I have noticed some typical little traits in myself recently. iv'e been drawn to the color pink, to coloring books, to stuffies, I've started sucking on my boyfriends thumb, he thinks it's cute so I don't feel weird doing it, I really only eat dino nuggets, fruit snacks and sweet things. I really like it when my boyfriend acts like a CG, his previous GF was a little so he has a lot of CG tendencies. He calls me bunny and it might be my favorite things in the world, I have rules I have to follow that my daddy set for me, I actually just bought my first bottle today and had some apple juice out of it, it was blissful and made me so happy. I need my stuffie to sleep, I can't without it and a couple other things too. I don't know If I'm a little or if I just grew up too fast and want to be a kid again. No one has ever told my I'm chilish or immature, Maybe in my humor but thats it, If anything I am one of the most mature and grown up people in my family and have been since I was 14. I really need help.
  19. Possibly_A_Little:/

    HELP Am I a little?!

    Okay so I'm having a delema, I'm pretty sure I'm a little, I enjoy childish foods, coloring, bottles, pacifiers apple juice all that jazz, but I'm scared to tell my partner. His previous girlfriend was a little and I don't want to tell him because they broke up recently and we havent been together that long, we've known eachother and been best friends for 3 years though. I dont want him to think I'm trying to copy his ex, I want to tell him but I'm scared. Recently he has been sad because he feels as though I'm hiding something from him, and I am but I'm scared to tell him. I think he kinda knows already though? He lets me suck on his thumb and he makes me dino nuggests for lunch and he gets me stuffies but I just don't know how or if I should tell him. Please help me, I'm new to the community and very confused and conflicted.
  20. AutumnsMagnolia2

    Feeling Grief

    I need advice. I've been feeling terrible. I made a goal this year to be single as long as I can. I've always had an unhealthy dependence on being with someone. I really want to learn to have value for myself instead of needing to be needed to prove I am of worth. 2020 was filled with unhappy vanilla relationships. I'm an adult model and an S-worker. So. It's already hard for me to get in a relationship. My last relationship was with someone who was probably the nicest person I've dated. Unfortunately they weren't at all interested in ddlg or bdsm. They told me that there was the potential to grow into it and learn more about it, but that wasn't true.. After 3 months of trying so many things to get the conversations going, I had no longer been convinced that I was going to be their little. They told me they weren't up to loving me because they didn't know if they could ever be a cg. This hurt, but I understood. I'm still angry though. It hurts to think that no matter how hard I try I can't be what someone else desires. I have to constantly remind myself that everyone likes their own thing and it's difficult for two people to match. This brings me to where I am now. I'm single. I plan to stay that way for a whole year. I know that this decision is what's best for me, yet it hurts. It's like I'm taking my heart out of my chest and hiding it where no one can hurt it. I am so tired of having to take care of myself after years of vanilla relationships. I'm so emotionally exhausted I need a break. I seriously haven't gotten to be in little space for months at a time. It seems I'm always stuck between settling for vanilla or just being alone. No doms are looking for anything serious, at least in my area. It's also a great time for me to explore being poly. I might be excited to try new things, but I can't help but hurt knowing that none of my explorations can have attachments. I am an extremely sexual person but I'm also so filled with love. It's not hard for me to love people. After this year, I'm just too scared to let myself fall in love. I need a break... but the break sucks. It feels like I'm addicted to relationships. I want so fucking badly to explore myself and my passions with someone who wants to as much as I do, it's just not happening. I need to stop the pattern. Even if that means I need to put my heart on hold. My whole life I've taken care of myself, and I'm so over it. I'm really struggling. Maybe that's just a part of being alone? I wouldn't be writing this if I wasn't in a lot of pain. I need some guidance and support. This is a long shot because I'm not very prominent on this website, but I'm sure you can guess that I would only be receiving unsolicited dick pics from my followers on PH and SnapChat. Some kind words and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. SailorMoon24

    I don’t know if I belong here

    Hi there! Gosh my hearts beating fast typing this. I don’t know why I’m so nervous but I am. I recently read a book about ddlg and it resonated with me, I guess you could say. I’ve been in a couple of relationships but nothing serious. I tend to self-sabotage them because I never know what to do or what’s expected of me or if it’s okay to like hug them or something. I want them to take the lead but they never do and then it’s less stressful to not be in the relationship so I end it. The idea of someone taking care of me and letting me be as childish as I want is appealing. But how did you guys know you were officially like a “little” or “middle”, etc. I don’t go into a little space that I’ve read about but I don’t know if that’s because I’m not a little or I’ve just never been in a situation where I would feel comfortable enough to do it. I’m definitely a more submissive person but I don’t think I would be comfortable with a full on bdsm relationship type thing. Ddlg seems more my speed of the options, but I don’t think I really know what I want. I’ve had a pretty normal life which I’m thankful for, but I’ve always liked rules and following rules. I just don’t know if I’m where I should be or if I fit here I guess. I would love to hear from others about it, whatever advice, experience, etc. that you are willing to share about how they were introduced to this lifestyle and how they figured out it was for them.
  22. This might be a long-ish read, thanks for reading if you do! I'm reading others' posts on this and seeing I'm not the only person to question my tendencies. If you've questioned, why? What do you think or question the most? The more experience I gain in the world of DDLG and BDSM, I can't figure out if I like it.. or if it's overrated. Maybe it was all just something I hyperfixated on when I was way too young and never found a real understanding.. I don't know who or what I am or who or what I am looking for. Am I a little? I thought so.. Maybe more of a middle? I don't know!! I don't think I regress or have a little age. I simply am who I am? I'm not interested in diapers, or binkis (rarely), I like my stuffed animals, but also I like when my bed isn't overcrowded. I do enjoy sippy cups, baths with lots of bubbles, having a set of rules and/or goals, structure, naps, cuddles. And yes, pastel things are cute!! Other than the rules/sippy cup, these are just normal things! I feel so lost in this world. Do I even truly want to be a part of it? I've had a whole imagination of what DDLG and BDSM was. That I'd be happy with a Daddy Dom one day. But sexually, I am discovering that maybe I'm not into as much pain as I thought I would be. I really do not care for paddles, or brushes, or belts. I am definitely not a pain slut. And that seems to be a deal breaker for most daddies. Which is fair, we all have those preferences. I never thought I was so plain and vanilla. I enjoy light electro play, degrading baby talk (not actual baby talk, simply can't stand that), wax play, bondage, and I have enjoyed most experiences with a flogger. I don't want to be choked out or on the receiving end of extreme pain. And honestly!!!! Sex hurts majority of the time!!!! I have only enjoyed sex with small number of partners, and even now I'm questioning if I enjoyed it or if I was just happy to be in the arms of someone and on the receiving end of care for a little while. I feel a little better putting these thoughts and feelings into words.. but phew, who needs therapy?!
  23. Hello! I'm kind of new to this (I've known about it for a while but tried to suppress my little/submissive side for as long as possible). I have a boyfriend who means well and we've been trying some things with control and things like that. It leaves me feeling very submissive and little, and while he tries to understand, he doesn't really. I'm just looking for a dom to talk to to understand how I can explain it to him in a way that he'll understand. Or, if that doesn't work, how I can take care of my self so I'm not left feeling depressed and upset.
  24. possiblelittle

    Confused,site questions,need help

    Hi its been a while since ive been here joined a few years ago and havent loggedvin since.2 questions,First one how do i view the posts ive made i cant see any of them in my profile so i have no way of knowing if ive already posted somewhere the same thing or not.Question 2 i posted in the personals and i see the post made by me appears twice two posts,not sure how that happen,how do i erase one of them?Also one of them has a star next to it why is that?
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