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So I am preparing my little space for the night, and I have really been attempting lately to get to know my little self more. So I came up with a way to do that. I LOVE watching cartoons, and children's shows, and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for interactive ones? I really think it would help me bring out the more playful and in the moment side of myself. By interactive, think along the lines of like Dora the Explorer or Blue's Clues, you know shows where we can play along and the characters talk to us. Something newer or that I never heard of would be ideal, and I like anything SUPER cutesy and girly. So can any of my fellow littles help me out, so I can watch something fun before bed!?  ^_^  :heart:


xx Sparkles 

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The backyardigans is one! Pinky dinky do is another. And I'm not sure how old you are in little space but crashbox is another it's not girly or cutesy at all but it's a show of educational games like it teaches math like subtraction, addition, multiplication and division but it's all very easy. They have riddles that you solve and you can learn some really neat words and history. It's an amazing show. It's probaby suited for 5 and up. Zaboomafoo is good too also not girly but it's verrrry interactive and you can learn all about animals. Each episode is info about new animals. And the barbie movies aren't interactive at all but they are super girly and amazing and so funny! My favorite barbie movie is fairytopia but they have a ton! Edited by Strawberryalmondmilk
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