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Things for Princess??

Guest PrincessFluffyPanda

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Guest PrincessFluffyPanda
My daddy is new and I've been trying to help him gather things. He told me it would be okay if I asked for help. My lst daddy didn't really take care of me. All I have is a paci, two sippies, two dresses that I don't really like, my stuffie named Panda even tho he is a teddy, and my little journal. But daddy likes to spoil me and he cleared out a place just for me! But I don't know what to tell him to buy because I don't really know...Help me please! It is sooo expensive for me but I don't know what to buy or tell him to buy.
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Tiaras, and cute headbands and bows, coloring books and markers/pencils/crayons, knee high or thigh high socks are my favorite ^.^ pretty collars/chokers, costume jewelry, ect. I'm not new to being a little but I recently moved out and I can now be openly little so I don't have much stuff either, but that's some stuff you can tell your Daddy to get you. My Daddy likes to spoil me too =^.^=Ā 

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We went on Amazon and I made a list of things I like. From onesies to tiaras and jewelry and hair bows! My most recent favorite find are necklaces for people with oral fixation that will help when I can't use my binkie in public!
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its the things you need love, the things that makes you feel like the little princess you are


here's min and i hope it helps






Cute blankies

Coloring books


Bunny/cat ears

Cute socks

Cute Pjs

Sippy cups

Baby bottles

Cute covers for my iphone


Cute dresses



Video games (i'm a gamer so maybe that's just me??)

Milk (because i love it and it makes me feel even more of a little tbh)


Good luck fellow princessĀ 

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