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Long Distance Little & Visa Stuff (Advice)


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Hello! I was wondering if anybody here had any helpful advice they could give me.


I started dating my Daddy 8 months ago, and we moved in together shortly after. The months that followed were without a doubt some of the best months of my life. We were living the dream. I got to stay home and be little all day, and found an amazing group of little friends I met with weekly. W went to dungeons every week, and every kink event we found. It was absolutely amazing.


Flash forward a few months, my daddy finds out that he needs to leave the country. He was on a student visa, and working on OPT. He entered the lottery for his H1B (his company sponsored him), but he didn't make it through. Our lives were turned upside down, and he had 60 days to wrap up his affairs and leave the country. We decided that we'd do long distance, because we really thought we had found our life long partners.


Daddy left exactly 2 weeks ago today, and he's 7,277 miles away from me, and I feel so lonely. He had me move back home to Montana so I wouldn't be all alone in Los Angeles and wouldn't have to worry about rent. I moved away from my friends, and my home. Daddy and I have an 11 and a half hour time difference, which makes communication a tad difficult. Now, it's a waiting game. We're waiting for his next visa to be approved which should be around January, and I'll be visiting in November. We're still a strong couple, I'm just finding it really hard to deal with the distance and I'm having separation anxiety. It also makes it really hard for me to get into Little Space, which kills me because I was in it every single day, all day with Daddy.


I was wondering if anybody had an advice for DD/LG long distance relationships. Have any of you done it? What went well, what didn't?

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Guest JekyllTheMysticalDaddy

Well, I like skype a lot. Watching lots of stuff together. Basically, doing things that are more quality time than just texting. That's really all I got lol, LDR isn't easy but if you put work into it, both of you, it can be rewarding.

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