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Little wants to be a Caregiver


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Let me preface this by saying I'm a little. I've been with my Daddy almost 5 years and for about 3.5 of those years, he's been my Daddy. In the (way back) past, we've very minimally experimented with him playing in a sexually submissive role, but lately i've found myself wanting more. I want to act as a caregiver, a mommy. He's never seemed to truly want to be submissive or little, but he does have tendencies that i've noticed, more so recently. I'm more than happy with my relationship with my Daddy, but I feel like there's a certain part of me that's unfulfilled. I've always known that I was a switch, but I've had to suppress that part of me because my Daddy never really showed an interest in being little. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do I kinda delicately go about starting this kind of conversation with him? I've tried in the past, but the subject usually ends up changed along the way, and no questions really get answered. Please help meeeeeeee

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Even if he does have submissive tendencies, that doesn't follow he will have any little tendencies. They are two very different things. Yes, you can be both, as many are. But certainly not necessarily. Talk to him. That's pretty much how it works no matter what the issue. We can't tell you what to do, only he can give you the answers.
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Im having the same problem just the opposite. My mdlg relationship started with me in the submissive role and switched about a month later. But for the past couple of months i've felt like i'm forcing myself to be her mommy. I have little tendencies and i've been noticing some domme tendencies in her but the last time i brought this up she got very upset and told me that she'd never be able to be my mommy.

It's hard being in the situation that we're in. I hope someone in this thread could help you.

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Set aside time to really talk about the subject at hand
Write out a list of things you would want so you can go through each of them and compromise.
Just remember to make what you want clear to them.

I hope the best for you!

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