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Lonely still..?


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I know I'm still awfully new to this website..

I only joined yesterday..

but I thought it would be different..

IDK what i was expecting

I do love this website and I'm glad it exists

It has really opened my eyes to other types of littles and their characteristics

but i still feel so alone

even when I'm on here

everyone knows everyone

I get singled out

...maybe I'm just way too needy..

thats probably it

I'm too needy


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Honestly you just gotta force yourself in convos like in chat. It isn't that you're getting singled out, its just chat is going so quickly most people don't see or know the new people. It'll take a bit of breaking in but you'll be in the thick of it soon enough.

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i only know one person on here, other than those that i see regularly. You aren't going to suddenly feel part of the community after one day. Be patient. Answer discussions. Have a look around.
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Sorry you feel lonely. I think that if you show your true heart and soul people will just gravitate to you. It's going to happen C:

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Guest pacibrat

I don't know many people here.  I've had Daddies chat me up (but they're looking for a little not a friend).  I've talked to a few littles but the conversation just fizzled out as sometimes happens. When I'm here, I feel the WHOLE sense of community and camaraderie of being around like-minded people and that makes me love it here.  DDlg is such a small niche, you won't find that out in the real world.


If you're talking about chat, then yes, they do all seem to know each other. I've gone in there a few times, but have never seemed to be able to jump into the mix.  I think with chat that persistence would be key, but I often don't have the time and I'm also shy. :)


Just remember that you can start a conversation and you can friend request too.  You don't have to wait for other people to do it if you don't want to.

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Join the Chat rooms and jump into the conversation.. Most of the people I have met in there are absolutely wonderful <3 Welcome to the Forums! 

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