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Littlespace Ideas!!

Guest crybabykisses

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Guest crybabykisses

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for things to do in Littlespace while your Dom is at work or busy. Anything from crafting to shows to watch or music to listen to. So far things I like to do are draw pictures for Daddy, watch anime on Netflix, dress up in Little clothes, and chat with other littles. I've been getting really bored lately and was hoping someone had any advice on things to help keep me busy in Littlespace. 

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Well I enjoy dong most of this so... here..



use a pacifier

sippy cup


play video games

cuddle plushies

play in a ball bit


wear and change diapers

watch children's tv

lay on your back and play with your feet... it's actually pretty fun



put on concerts for all of your stuffed animals

read picture books

make little foods and eat with your toddler utensils and your cartoon plates

bubble baths

nap with a paci and a favorite blankie

read a cute book

wear cute socks

scroll Instagram pics looking up ddlg hashtags for inspiration and to see fellow littles

buy fun bath products for bath time

Build a fort out of blankets and pillows

Bake something yummy

Make a fun craft

Play a little computer game

Read your favourite little-themed books like fairy tales, picture books or popup books.

Spend some time outside

Color your sidewalk with sidewalk chalk


go swimming

catch leaves that fall from the sky

build a snowman


I hope you enjoy these and have fun

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I like to mostly print images and then color them <3 keeps me busy and its my favorite thing to do in little space!!


I also like to play with my stuffies, and shop for little clothes (usualy I dont buy them, just keeps me busy and happy) I watch my favorite princess movies, take a bublle bath, and dance in my room!

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