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I found this "challenge" a while back called 30 Days of DDlg. It's all about your dynamic, preferences, and self as a little. The questions are below, if you'd like to try it out. Daddy had me do it as a task and it was fun to explore/think more about some of the questions! 



30 Days of DDlg

Day 1 - Do you currently have or want a DD? Why? If not, why do you choose or happen to be without one?

Day 2 - What do or will you call your DD? Close your eyes, picture them in front of you and say the name out loud right now, open your eyes, how do you feel?

Day 3 - Are you a submissive, slave, middle, switch etc in addition to being a babygirl or little? Are they like separate personalities or all the same?

Day 4 - What does a DDlg dynamic mean for you? Is DD always in charge 24/7 or is it more roleplay or scenes? Explain if you want…

Day 5 - Do or would you live as a 24/7 lg or bg like in the same house, completely under DD’s rules? What’s it like? If your answer is “no” why?

Day 6 - Are you open to a sister or brother in other words, poly would you be okay with it? Explain…

Day 7 - Do you feel a certain age? Because you feel that age does it mean you two (or three) have ageplay? Any ABDL involved?

Day 8 - Is physical punishment apart of your dynamic? How does it make you feel?

Day 9 - Are you a brat or just bratty sometimes or are you an angel? (don’t cross those fingers or ankles)

Day 10 - What would you say to people who think “ewwww that’s gross” about your dynamic? (no profanity please lol)

Day 11 - What’s your hidden talent? Is it hidden from your DD?

Day 12 - Do you dress little or is anything you wear little because a little is wearing it? Are your clothes selected for you? How do you feel about this?

Day 13 - Name one thing that reminds you most of your DD? What color is it?

Day 14 - You likely have an image of the ideal life of you and your current or future DD, will you express or find a picture sharing that with us?

Day 15 - What’s the food(s) that ONLY your DD could get you to eat?

Day 16 - Write a 15 line poem, letter, or song about your DD or future DD? If writing isn’t your thing draw us a picture and take a pic of it.

Day 17 - What’s your favorite pasttime with your DD? If you don’t have a DD what woukd your favorite past time be?

Day 18 - Best day ever… Will you share it with us? No best days, make one up, but let us know its fiction please.

Day 19 - What’s the longest relationship you’ve had? Do you think relationship lengths matter?

Day 20 - Could your DD be your DD but not you significant other? Why would or wouldn’t this work for you?

Day 21 - Be honest… Do / have you topped from the bottom? (gotten your DD to do what you want via good or bad behavior to get your way)

Day 22 - What is or would be the hardest rule a DD could give you?

Day 23 - What’s the sweetest thing a DD has done or could do for you? What made it so sweet? What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done? Only pick one and if you can’t… Tell us what color panties you have on.

Day 24 - What area(s) are you focused on growing in as a bg or lg? For example obedience, creativity, presentation, coloring etc… Why is this your focus? If you don’t have an area, which will you pick, starting today?

Day 25 - Besides build a bear, where’s one local place you want your DD to take you as a reward? Why do you want to go there? What do you want to do when you get there?

Day 26 - Best DDlg song, movie, or picture ever, what is it? Why is it the best?

Day 27 - Do you get off on the kink of DDlg too, or not so much? Only elaborate if you wish, if you don’t wish, what’s the main kink or fetish you and your current or future DD share?

Day 28 - Do you get into S/m? If so how does your DD punish you since pain may not work?

Day 29 - Do your bio parents know? If so how do they feel? If not, would you ever tell them?

Day 30 - Are you on fetlife? Do you wanna share your name there? If not tell us, does being judged for your alternative lifestyle frighten you?


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Showing this to my little now! Thank you for posting this lol I think it will really help me better understand how she feels. ^-^
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I think I've tried this before. but some of the questions can really bug me.  

Agreed! The one about biological parents.....aye dios mio. 

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I belong to a group that is fairly diverse, including littles that are solo by choice, so I ended up revamping these questions to be a little more inclusive. Some were sort of...problematic, I guess, because they made certain assumptions. I've done this challenge once though, and really enjoyed it. It definitely helped center me on my needs and interests with regards to Daddy and my dynamic.

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