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Little vs real child

Little Cutiepiie

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Hey guys, I'm new here.

So, I'm a Brazilian and here the age play community is a little bit different, I guess. I've been feeling really bothered when Brazilian CG (Daddies or Mommies) treat littles like real children. They don't allow their littles to be adult in anyway and I found reaaly weird, I live with my Daddy and I'm in little space almost all the time but he never did not let me be an adult too. I can do normal and adult things likte goingo to college, have a job, drinking beer and thins like that. Some CG here in Brazil do not allow some littles to do this things I mentioned. I wanted to know if in your coutry is common to treat a little almost like a incapable person and treat her like a real child (they also do not have sexual relations because the little is a "child"). Do you think this is common in age play and age regression?


(Sorry if I wrote something wrong in english)

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Guest Please-delete

Hello, I guess it all really depends on the individual dynamic/relationship.

Daddy and I are 24/7 TPE so the rules I follow and lifestyle I lead would differ from others in the community, even those who are in similar relationships. All depends on what you want out of it.

As for things like no alcohol I’d imagine that would actually be quite common? However I don’t find restrictions to be weird? Each to their own. Daddy also doesn’t let have any sweets or soda.


P.S love your avatar, chibiusa is my absolute fave

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