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While I look more like a work-aday yuppie most of the time when I step out (dressing for success and all that jazz), you've pretty much described me. I'm a free spirit, and libertine. I've always actually considered myself part of the counterculture, and the ideology surrounding it. I'm just academically and professionally inclined as well.

Philosophically, also something of an existentialist. Though I always found the philosophy of Frederich Nietzsche influential and helpful. However, I consider myself an Epicurean first and foremost, with other ideas from other classical schools like Stoicism and Cynicism weighing in. No ideas exist in a vacuum, afterall.


If you're not familiar with Epicurus, I suggest you look him up. He established both a school and commune he called "the Garden". He felt that pleasure was the highest good (intellectual pleasures above all), so long as they didn't violate the integrity of others or contribute to sufering. And he said, "Of all the things that contribute to a blessed life, friendship is the the greatest of them all." 

He and his friends lived a communal life in his house, and shared their lives and their goods. Free love was surely a part of it.


Pivoting back though, the firsst time I went to a swing club and simply socialised, around others fully in the nude, and it was comfortable... I thought "these are my people".

I also have participated in sweat lodges, entheogenic experiences, and various forms of meditation.

Buddhist "mindfulness" is probably my preference, but I have experience with Raya Yoga and Shaktism. I;ve also spent some time in an ashram, which was also a community and ecovillage.


I also am interested in self-substinence and sustainability. It's a dream of mine to live semi off-the-grid and provide for myself. Raising livestock, and putting my green thumb to use in a homesead like environment.

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Apologies for the long novella there. But yeah, you pretty much piqued my interest. Ha.

The fact that you already raise animals is awesome. Obviously, if I were to live out that dream one day, I already have an interest in animal husbandry and traditional crafts, as well as sustainable building and whatnot.


Feel free to contact me. And/or leave a reply here. Willing to bet we could have some awesome conversations. :)

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Guest Stinkin'ol'Fred
I'm a barefoot going ,no hair brushing , farming, animal raising , weed tokin, peace loving hippie myself as well. I get odd looks going barefoot but I don't care. I raise rabbits and other animals hope to get some chickens one day. Love being outside. All things nature. Natural mmedicines and cures. I love it all. :)
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Guest daddy_zach

Hello Sneakylittle


A Vegan Hippie into ddlg !!

So wish you were UK based.


Very best wishes and welcome :)




Love, Peace & Unity is the only way

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Hello i am also a fellow little hippie vegan that loves all animals and plants, incense, meditating, smoking weed, reggae music, palo santo, and friends around a campfire its good to meet chill people that promote peace and love <3
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