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Wanting the lifestyle when your partner doesn't?


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Just wanted a place for people to vent and share their dream lifestyles, since it's hard to need more than your partner can give. I'm hoping mine will come around, but oh well. For now I'll day dream~


Ideally I'd be woken up by gentle kisses and told that it was time for breakfast. He would lead me by the hand to my food and we'd eat together. Afterwards he would tell me to brush my teeth while he got my outfit ready. Then he would get me dressed up and brush my hair before giving me my list of chores and heading out to work.


I'd spend the day being little and doing my chores like a good girl, with him texting me occasionally to check in or make requests. I'd have a drink and dinner ready for him when he gets home, and he'd cut up my food and do the dishes. We'd spend the night cuddling, playing video games, and watching stuffs. As bed time approached we would get in the bath together and just relax or splash around.


For bed time he would get me into PJs and make sure I had a stuffy and a paci before tucking me in. He would climb in next to me and I'd snuggle into his chest, eventually drifting to sleep in his arms. With a kiss to the forehead he would get up quietly and spend another hour or two awake just doing grown up things before finally coming to bed with me.


On the weekends we could go out and do something fun, and on Sunday's we would invite our friends and family over for dinner (as or normal selves, or if we had ddlg friends then we would invite just them over and have a little's themed dinner).


Little details would include chore charts, a nightlight for bedtime, pull up checks, punishments for doing things wrong, getting buckled into my seat, and all other sorts of stuff. If I remember more I'll add to it~

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Guest Rainbow

have you talked to your partner about what you want? i hate to break it to you but if you're daydreaming about a different life you're not getting.. you should probably make a change. hugs!

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I just had a serious talk with my Daddy recently and he didn't understand how much this meant to me the whole time D8 But! Now he does and things are looking forward c:
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