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Long distance tips


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Hi, I have recently gotten into DDLG due to my girlfriend, and am actually starting to enjoy it. 

My girlfriend lives quite far away, so physical care giving is not a thing available to us right now. 

And I feel like I am not really being a good daddy, not only because I am new to it, but also because the only means of communication we have is mail and things like Skype, Facebook etc. 

Can anyone give me some tips on becoming a better daddy? And more important, how can I be a good daddy in a long distance relationship. 

I have no problem with caring for my little, it just feels a but clunky over the phone. 

Please help me make my little happy :3

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I always find that video calls and phone calls are a really good tool for LDR.


A lot of people on threads here have said they like to hear their partners voice or see them when in little space or just in general.


So i would definately, as a starting point for ideas, make sure plenty of call or video contact is used :)


Hope this helps your communication with each other.


...also, i agree with neko on asking what she wants and feels.

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it is going to feel clunky over the internet because you aren't there... you can do things to smooth that out a little.


  • Communication is tantamount and the key to any human interaction.
  • Games are a great way to interact... 
  • Send her stuff like edible arrangements or something that has a stuffie and goodies in it.
  • Basically try your best to keep being a good daddy and work with her.
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