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Long distance   

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  1. 1. For how long have you been in a long distance relationship For?

    • A few weeks
    • 2-6 months
    • 6 months to a year
    • More than a year
  2. 2. The way 2 people love changes overtime. Is it for the better or for the worse?

    • Better
    • Worse
    • Love doesn't change
    • Can be either better or worse
    • Can be both better and worse
    • It might change but still remain the same
  3. 3. Long distance relationships are harder for who?

    • Little!
    • Daddy
    • Little
    • Little
    • Little misses daddy more and needs more care so obviously LITTLE!

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Guest daddy_zach

I feel for you Secret. It's wretched being apart from someone you have deep feeling for.

I can't offer anything that will make you feel better... Except to say.. You are not alone.


I hope things get easier for you.



That said..


It does sound like he's treating you with a lack of concern..


Disappearing without saying a word to you.. Being rarely unavailable..  His habit of getting annoyed with you when you do talk..


It really doesn't sound good.


I would strongly urge you consider whether you truly feel loved by him.

I believe that if someone truly loves me.. I'll be able to feel that love, even at a distance.


From what you have said, you are feeling mostly sad and neglected. 


Perhaps the problems between you could be lessened, or eased.


That can only happen though, if he cares enough to try.

I hope for your sake, that he does.

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Guest BabyPeach

I find it difficult to believe that he doesn't have the time to send a text daily or at least every few days.  I mean ONE good morning or good night text is nothing as far as time and effort go.  Also, a man WILL make time if he wants to.  I mean, unless he's in the military and stationed somewhere remote overseas like Iraq (or married or in a relationship), he has steady access to a cell phone, computers and a telephone.  I wouldn't put up with it, personally, but it's your life.  His behavior points toward "I barely care enough to make an effort".  

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You can make distance work but when I was more youthful it seemed to be a pain in the ass. I just got angry a lot. We both neglected each other and did our own thing. Of course we each came back to one another. Less enduring long distance relationships now.... well they come and they go... Had a dozen or so


The Love has to BE STRONG for it to endure the challenges and that is rare!

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Guest infinitecases

As others have said, sending a quick text to check in on you and let you know where he is takes no time in comparison to other things. People can churn out texts without even needing to look at their phones when typing - and he can't have the decency to communicate properly when he's going to disappear? Personally that would make me really nervous and it'd feel like I'm with someone who doesn't have any stability, how am I supposed to rely on someone as a Daddy who can't even do that? 


LDRs are extremely painful and if you can endure it, that's great, but if one of you stops putting the effort in, then something's wrong and one of you gets upset. I think you just need to have a conversation with him (without him getting annoyed), about how he's treating you and also how you feel the relationship is deteriorating. Holding onto the good times during the bad can sometimes cloud your judgement - sure, he was great at the start, but how he's treating you right now is the priority. Perhaps he's going through a bad period in his life or has other problems that needs to be dealt with that he can give you a heads up about? 

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