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I need some good ideas~!!


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I have a a big room renovation, changing everything ~!

The problem is that I'm not sure what exactly I want  :( 

It has to be cute, classy but still modern (like rest of the house)

I always had such boring room, I need change~!

I don't have a lot of time, in 2 weeks I need the plans to be ready so I can start renovation.

This is some of ideas I thought could be good:












Thank you~! xoxox  :p 


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I want to redecorate my bedroom too I just an't decide what I want. We got new furniture for Christmas and some money to buy new bedding, but I can'y make up my mind about what I want.

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All the three pictures look good but I would choose the second, it looks more comfortable and I liked the way they designed the room, mixing white coloured furniture with dark coloured walls. I found a blog from better living dispenser that lists out some designers http://www.dispenser.com/blog/organizedbath/4-top-kitchen-and-bath-designers-you-should-follow/ . It is always good to get professional advice when you are doing a renovation.

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