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Regular Relationship to DDLG Relationship?

Guest littlesparklefairy

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Guest littlesparklefairy

Hi Hi Everyone! 


So I just wanted to ask some people's opinion on something a little personal. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We tell each other everything and we are very comfortable with each others likes and dislikes. I told him about the DDLG aspect of my life early into the relationship, but then it wasn't something that he said he thinks he would be comfortable doing. That was okay for me because I respect that.


Now however it seems to be completely different. Pretty much all of my social media is a SFW little environment and now (unlike before) he interacts with all of them. When it comes to me being into little space, he is the most supportive, nurturing, silly, goofy person ever. I find myself going into little space more around him because of that and he doesn't mind one bit now. 


I get disciplined as if he were my Daddy. I have a bedtime, I have a proper eating schedule and meal list. I have playtime and adult time. I have chores that if I do not do I do get in trouble.


Basically what I'm saying is, everything seems like it has gone from a "regular relationship" to a "DDLG relationship." My friends and their boyfriends don't do the things that we do. I don't know if that's because we are just a different just because or because somewhere along the lines we have fallen into this way of life without even establishing it. 


I know going into something new is kind scary and sometimes you don't want to do it just because you're scared and thats okay. So I don't know if this is something he has changed his mind on and wants to do now or what. And yes, we have talked about it but all I get are vague answers before the conversation is switched. 


Ive asked all my friends and they've their two cents, so I wanted to ask you all. How should I approach this in a different way? Or what would you all do or recommend? 

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Guest infinitecases

A DDLG relationship can still be DDLG even without any labels. Perhaps he doesn't like being called Daddy or labelling it as this dynamic because of it's connotations? As long as you are happy, I'd say don't think too much about it - there's no point labelling something if that's not what he's comfortable with and as long as you love eachother and are getting what you need from the relationship then it's all good! 

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Guest Looby-Lou

I'm not sure why you're feeling the need to "do" anything or "approach this in a different way"? If you're both happy in the relationship, which seems to be the case from what you've said, then I would just let things flow.

What started off as a vanilla relationship has maybe evolved into a relationship with some DDLG aspects, yes? But your partner doesn't want to talk about it much, right?

I'm guessing that YOU want to talk about it a lot, because it's exciting for you that this has happened and you're eager to establish it as DDLG. He is not wanting to talk about it, maybe because he's finding his feet in this new kind of relationship, and doesn't want to make it anything formal or labelled or maybe he isn't ready to accept the fact that he does like it! That's all ok, and normal, and if I were you, I'd just let things be. Give him time to explore, let him talk more if and when he's ready.

If you can't hold back on talking about how exciting this is, then do it here or with your other DDLG friends! Otherwise you might push your partner away from it, and that would be a shame.

Good luck :)

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Two of my favorite sayings are:

If it ain't broke don't broke it.

Sometimes less is more.


If you are happy with the way things are going then don't stir the pot.

The less you discuss the more better your chances are this will continue stay good.

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