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It's almost 1am but I can't sleep so this came to me instead. My Daddy is my everything and I've been trying to come up with a way to say it like I never have before, but even with this I'm not fully satisfied. Either way, here's a poem for my Daddy:


What else is there to say

When I tell you every day

How much I love you

But I look constantly for another way


I could say you're a best friend

The piece that was missing from my heart

Yes, I could be that cheesy

But hey, sometimes you gotta play that part


I could say you're the smartest

The most funny and cool

I know you'd agree with me

Then I'd say 'You're silly!" too


I could say I might not still be here

If it weren't for you

Then they could call me dramatic

And I'd probably agree with them too


I could say "I'm fine"

But you'd see right through it

I can't thank you enough

For all the sleep you were losing


I could say I'm not enough

But you'd try to correct me

One day i hope

I can be the girl that you see


I could say that the phonecalls

The messages, the videos from ago

Make me feel happy

But then what about when you go?


I could say to you how much it hurts

Even a simple good night

Cuz it means i'm losing you

Until the morning light


I could say what they're all thinking

This is wrong and I'm dumb

But when I hear your caring voice

I'm proud of what we've become


So with all these things I could say

In other words, a thousand cliches

There are a few things I want you to know

If I ever found the courage to tell you

This is how it'd go:


"My Daddy, my friend, the king of my heart

My protector and my strength"

That's where i'd start

"I've never had someone love me

As much as you do

Somedays I still can't believe it's actually true.

I always have to remind myself i don't have to be someone I'm not

To try to be pretty

And compete for a higher up spot.

I won't ever ask to be first

I'll just be what you need

Through both our long roads and the people we meet

No matter what comes between

I'll always be your little girl"

And those words I do mean.


With so much more I could add

I'd risk being a bore

Let me just bother you a few seconds more

So to my very own Daddy

Lastly, I say:

"I love you to the ends of the earth

Thank you for being the first to stay."

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Oh my word. This is wonderful. Thank you so much for this. :) I love you, princess.

I love you too Daddy <3

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