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Guest infinitecases

Don't know if this reply is too little too late but if you feel as if you have become someone else entirely different to please your Daddy and his needs, take some time to reflect on what's changed and how it's making you unhappy. Perhaps ask yourself if this is who you want to be for the rest of your life?


I know there are things that have changed about me since meeting my Daddy, some things I do differently compared to before, some things I might have started doing because of him but even with all the changes, I'd rather be how I am now than how I was back then because I feel like in a lot of ways I'm more able to be myself rather than something I'm not. Obviously there are some things that because my Daddy likes them, I start getting interested in them too and these things aren't inherently mine in any way, but it should never get to the point where you are changing so much for someone that you are no longer yourself. Differences are there to help keep a balance in the relationships and perhaps it's getting hard to keep up with the brattiness because you know it's not really you and (subconsciously) your Daddy can tell too?


I'd suggest having a talk with your Daddy and just talking through how you feel and how you feel as if the bratty side of you isn't as natural to you or part of who you truly want to be! 

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