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Accessories & Crafts for Littles


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I'm working on a huge list of shops that sell little's accessories, and also how you can make your own! There's no need to struggle with finding the right things to make you feel and look adorable <3



$ = $1-$25

$$ = $25-$50

$$$ = $50-$75

$$$$ = $75+



Etsy Sellers


KawaiiGoods : Jewelry, hats, hair clips, notebooks, pins, and bags

Price: $-$$


MagicCircleClothing : Jewelry, pins, key chains, hats, cell phone cases, home decor, and hair clips

Price: $-$$


SugarHai : Phone cases and backpacks

Price: $-$$$


StarChaserClothing : Stickers and pins

Price: $


Collars & Leashes : Too many good shops to name, so I'll leave the link here!

Price: $-$$$





DDlg Playground : Toys, pet play, and pacifiers

Price: $-$$$


Littles In Lace : Toys, pacifiers, and pacifier clips

Price: $


AliExpress : (heads up, the phone app is easier to use!!!) Has all sorts of things from jewelry to garters to toys to dishes. The possibilities on this website are endless. Plus, most things ship free! As with any overseas website, expect a 3-5 week delay to receive your items (Wish is not included in this, because most items, if not all, have a $1+ shipping fee no matter how much the item costs)


Amazon : One of the largest websites to find anything you'd like. I've bought hair accessories to toys to stickers, etc. Amazon also features Prime, in which you can receive your purchase in 2-3 days (use Amazon Smile with qualifying items and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice!)





Walmart : Sells almost all of the craft items you would need. You can find bows in the craft/girl's aisles along with cute hair ties/clips


Michael's : Craft store


Hobby Lobby : Craft store


Claire's : Sells all sorts of jewelry and accessories to show off your little side


Justice : Is just like Claire's in the way that is has so many cute accessories


HEB : If you live in Texas, HEB has a HUGE selection of adorable bows



Craft Ideas


Decorative Shoes : You can buy cheap sneakers at Walmart for around $6/pair, and you can use sharpies and rubbing alcohol to make a tie dye effect . Also, you can use stencils to decorate them (I recommend using fine tipped pens as sharpies will bleed and your shape won't come out right) like I did (I'm pansexual, so I used the pride colors). You can also make glittery shoes.


Decorate bows, bobby pins, barrettes, etc... : You'll need bows, bobby pins, or any hair accessory you want to decorate, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, buttons/decoden charms/rhinestones of your choice. Glue what you chose to the top of the item.. and voila (is that how you spell it...?) 


Here, here, and here are some ideas for decorating.


Create your own jewelry : You can buy girl's jewelry kits like this or this and use them to make your own cute jewelry. You can also make your own earrings using things like these or these. Again, you'll need a hot glue gun for this.


Make your own charms : By using glue like Elmer's and using glitter, you can make your own charms to decorate with! Remember to put a piece of newspaper down before starting. Make your shape on a piece of paper by using the glue to draw it, then sprinkle it with glitter. After it dries (it might take a while), carefully peel it off. Place fabric or card stock behind the shape, and then you can use it to decorate.


Can't find the right shirt? Use iron on decals and/or fabric paint to make your own designs!


Nail art : The right search on Google will lead you to nail art like this and this. These tools do a great job, but you can substitute with bobby pins or toothpicks. If you don't want to do that, you can always use decals to get the same look. False nails are also a great alternative, and I recommend Kiss and their nail glue that comes with the set. I made these with O.P.I. nail polish, Kiss decals, and Kiss false nails this morning.


DIY knee high socks : You can purchase regular knee high socks online or in stores and add a lace trim by sewing the lace around the top. You can also add bows or other charms. For my plus sized littles, like me, the big and tall socks in the men's department fit great without being super snug.





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