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If you're a brat, when did you first realize that it was something you were? What was the aha moment that made you think, wow this explains my attitude and my defiance towards my Dominants and Daddies? I'm really curious to know if there's other brats out there that can relate to the discussion on being defiant, or having a bit more attitude then your average little or submissive. 


For Daddies/Dominants, what is your best and most effective punishment for a bratty little? 



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I identify as a Brat. Have sense Day 1 when i first found Cg/l groups way back forever ago. I don't think of myself as defiant neccesarily.

I tend to view it as its own form of play. Im a Little and Pet too and im a bratty littlepet.

My take on it is i would like to negotiate brat scenes just like any other scene. I would want to give my daddy or top some sort of bratting safeword otherwise i would trample his authority and i WANT his authority i just wanna play with it.

I dont view myself as wild or in need of taming. I just find resistance hot and sometimes comical.

Bratting seemed to give me a chance to express some of own sarcastic personality into situations that seem so humdrum its as if they've been scripted. Its like Mad Libs or Cards Against humanity instead or kareoke for me.


Typical Punishment Scene - The Typical Way

DaddyMcDadderson: "Little girl, this is highly unacceptable and you knew better. The only way i can think to teach you this lesson is over my knee for a bare bottom spanking."

SubbyMcSubway: "Im sorry Daddy"


Typical Punishment Scene - The SnarlyMonster way

DaddyCrackers: "Little girl, this is highly unacceptable and you knew better. The only way i can think to teach you this lesson is over my knee for a bare bottom spanking."

BarkleeMonster: "Aw c'mon Daddy, you're so smart! You can think of something, hey how bout meditation huh? Think of your blood pressure."


In this sense we're playing, we both want this spanking. Im trying to win the game, the object being to stretch out the time frame with a quick Catch Me Catch Me or a Briar Rabbit trick with a "Oh no, don't throw me in the Briar Patch" moment.

I really really want the briar patch though.

His goals could be to extend the punishment with a "Are you backsassing me young lady, that's 5 more with the belt" trick or a chance to stretch his Dom muscles with the dreaded counting "Get over my knee now in 3..2..1" maneuver.

My go to Brat killswitch is "Enough!" In a strong daddy voice and thats it. Game over. I'm a penitent puppydog in seconds. I'll probably even cry.

So anyway, now that i've rattled along.

My Brattiness doesn't come off as Can You Handle Me and more of a Hey, Wanna Play? Vibe.


As far as punishing brats -thats easy.

Give em whatever they want.

Sacks of candy, no bedtimes, let the wild rumpus begin!

Once a brat looses the rules they love to bend you've taken away they're favorite toy :)

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I identify as a brat but I'm unsure whether or not it's a natural tendency or a love of punishments combined with a need for attention. Because attention is what I'm looking for in my bratty moments and I don't think I would be as bratty if I were more secure in the idea that I am important and cared for. Hmmmm....
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Guest Bunnyblossom

I didn’t use to be bratty. I’m not sure if I id as one still. But I sure am difficult. :lol:


I used to wanna be a good girl for EVERYthing. I think I just like being cheeky.

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Guest sweetthing

Realised a few years ago when I began really enjoying over the knee spankings.

I knew that talking back, wriggling around, being bratty I’m general would earn me more punishment.

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I've somehow always ended up with brats and I agree with the emotional punishment and lecturing. If there is one thing my ex didn't like it was being lectured. She would intentionally do certain things to get spankings but the lecturing really got to her. So I learned the difference between playful brattiness and disrespect, and punished accordingly. Where at first I constantly tried to help her be less defiant, eventually I learned to love the attitude. At one point for a short time I had a submissive that was extremely obedient, no defiance. I was bored quickly. Edited by Miklos
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Guest SifuTheWolf
I believe there is a difference between playful brattiness and wilful disobedience, the first I enjoy, the second I don't tolerate. When my babygirl brats-up, it's usually because she wants more attention from me.
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