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How to be little in public?


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Hi guys, so I'm fairly new to the ddlg lifestyle. It's something I've wanted to get into for years and finally my long-distance boyfriend and I  are trying it. I've kind of got my little dynamic figured out at home, I have rules, punishments, rewards, and a routine (and stuffies and and a paci love them). The only thing I haven't figured out is how to be little in public... I attend college and work so I can't be as little in public as I am at home but I still want to feel little (or littlish) all the time. What are some small things I can start to do that are low key enough people might not notice but still enough to feel little?


Thank youuu!!!  :blush:

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I am only usually little in public if I am with my partner (he's not my daddy and found my little voice creepy but I'm just at that point where I don't care anymore lol). But when I'm in college, I don't usually purposely do little things but I sometimes accidentally slip into it (hope that make sense).


Like for example when I'm talking to older classmates, I sometimes accidentally use my little voice and speak using baby words (embarrassing!). 


However, I understand that being in little space is comfortable and you would like to incorporate that in your daily life. I do small things like I change my phone and laptop wallpaper to something little related. I draw and colour on my notes in class. Other than that, I just think about my imaginary daddy all the time and that makes me feel happy because inside my head I'm always little  :D


Keep us updated if you've tried anything and if it works!!


Good luck!

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I'm starting tafe next year and I'm ordering myself a bunch of Kawaii stationary and notebooks to use there, I dont care if anyone says anything because I loved kawaii even before I realised I was a little, and as far as I beleive, theres no age limit on liking unicorns and cute stuff etc. And on the plus note I'm still embracing my little side even though I'm out of the house without ppl knowing it.
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Guest TheQuiet1

You could try getting a cute notebook, pencil case, and binder for school. Most people won't care/bat an eye, you could wear a cute bracelet or hair accessory or outfit that's kind of subtly "little-ish"  - or at least makes you feel little (really big sweaters make me feel little, for example).


You could carry a small stuffie in your bag. Or adult coloring book for school/work during breaks/lunch.


Just think of the things that make you feel little, maybe even make a list, and narrow it down by crossing out the "I'm-obviously-a-little-everybody" stuff.

And hopefully now you'll have a little (I'm punny) list a few things you could do/try.


Hope this helped at least a wee bit. ^^

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everything i use at work is pink and girly, My scrubs are normally pastel colors and i wear cute. quirky socks.. I wear my hair in pigtails (now thats its long enough). In public with my partner (if they are a Daddy Dom) I use grabby hands a lot.. clap my hands when i see something cute or entertaining, wear cute clothes (again mostly pastels) and keep little fidget toys in my purse, My keychain lanyard thingy is unicorns, My car has a decal that says "Princess on Board" and I normally will wear something cutesy with my Daddy's initials (Currently I am wearing a tiny little heart necklace with a D on it because that's the first initial of the Daddy I am under consideration with). I color or draw on the paper table covers at restaurants (i carry a pack of Crayon in my purse).. theres a ton of subtle ways to be little! I also have a lot of "daddies Girl" stuff.. but I am super close to my actual Dad so people probably just assume its meant for my Father. 

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