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Fun board games for littles?

Guest Sokyogoku

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Guest Sokyogoku

Hi, I have just been wondering if anyone knows or has any fun, cute or engaging board games to play? Doesn't just have to be board games, card games and other tabletop suggestions are great too ^^. 


I really like playing various card and board games myself and have quite a few. I'll list them below. Feel free to share your suggestions or favourites as well!


Exploding Kittens

It's a card game where you try to avoid drawing a kitten card, because it will make you explode! I 'cheat' a lot in this game whenever my daddy tries to grab my defuse card (the only card that will protect you from a kitten) and make him choose a different one.


Bears vs Babies

I don't like this one as much personally, it's about building bears and other monsters and defeating armies of babies :').


Purrlock Holmes

This one I really like. It's about a cat detective, Purrlock who's trying to catch a villain Furriarty (I hope I spelled that right). You have to investigate clues left by his sidekicks by guessing times and numbers. It's very fun :)



It's a card game where imagination is your friend. All the cards contain pictures and you are trying to give other players a clue about your card without it being too obvious or obscure. It can be anything from description, single word, quotes from films or books, song lyrics, etc. It's really fun to play in a group of people and has tons of expansions.


Unstable Unicorns

I don't own that one (yet, I really want to buy it!), but my friend has it. You are trying to build a stable full of unicorns and trying to do so before other players fill theirs.


Red Dragon Inn

Okay, this one isn't really a little game but I think I enjoy playing it the most. You are roleplaying as an adventurer on a quest break to inn. There you share your gold, gamble, drink and brawl with other characters and the last sober person with money wins. I love it because there are tons of characters to choose from and it's really enjoyable to play!


Other games I have: Lovecraft Letters, YuGiOh!, Magic the Gathering Area of the Planeswalkers, Imperial Settlers, Discworld Witches and Carcassonne. I really want to buy some more games in the future but probably ones that are more directed at children.

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Massive board gamer here - tend to play more strategy games/worker placements. However, I do have a soft spot for cute. 


So my suggestions are:

Takenoko -Cute pandas. Say no more. 

King of Tokyo - Rolling dice, lots of fun, act like your smashing Tokyo

Dream Home - Game about building/furnishing your home 

Rhino Hero - building a tower block with a deck of cards and then moving a small rhino, like Jenga, but more fun

Terror in Meeple City - You're a big dragon, going to cause terror... basically, flipping meeples into buildings, lots of fun. 

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Guest Sokyogoku

Those are some really great suggestions! Thank you very much I will definitely try to look more into them ^^ So far I like the looks of Takenoko and Dream Home but I will ask my daddy what he thinks, thank you ^^


Oh yeah I forgot I like another game (tried it in a game shop):


Kodama - you are growing a pretty tree to invite a tree spirit to live inside it

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