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Perfect moment to Tell your couple about what you are in to....


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FOR YOU....What its the perfect time/moment to tell your partner your are into ddlg/abdl?


Some of you said too early or too much after you both had already been dating?

Someone from around here who told his partner in respect after having already had several times together? Count your cases

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Me and my boyfriend got together into ddlg. Well I was kind of interested in having a caregiver/daddy before dating him but wasn't that aware of it. I always wanted a partner who enjoys to take care of me and is possessive, thats my personality. 


Anyways if I'd look for a partner I'd definitely only tell him if I believe that I can really trust him. And thats only if we date for at least few months. But I'd make sure from the beginning that he matches my personality and is open to try new things in life.

I know some might view it as a waste of time because there's a chance that your partner won't like it all but I just always have a bad gut feeling to find a daddy from the ddlg community because its easy to stumble into fake daddies, LDR or to be "the other woman" /affair

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i never told him, he saw me entering ddlg , i guess at one point he googled it.

i had expressed i like ''daddy'' things but i never got into detail since i didnt know myself back then.

i never had to talk about it, but it was a smooth transition in us switching all the time. 

it was nice.

i think after developing a ddlg lifestyle in your relationship, you are almost doomed to never want something else.

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