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Little crochet ideas


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Hi all!

I love to crochet and sometimes knit too!

Does someone have cute crochet ideas? 

I'll start:

Paci cord

Crochet play blocks

Pastel colored blankie

Bows for in your hair

A little snuggle cloth (Tutdoekje in Dutch)

I'm not a big fan of crocheting stuffies, but I like the crochet patterns from lalylala very much.  (especially sepp the seahorse! see attachment)

Do you have nice patterns, ideas or already made something?

Please share!


x Lis




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HiHi! I love crocheting bags, blankets and scarves. I freestyle crochet, I can't read patterns but sometimes I make cool stuff. Last year I made a baby blanket with Hufflepuff colors for my coworkers new born. I wanted to make a binky, but that I'll have to learn patterns lol I love the pictures of the stuffies! They may be a new project for me in 2019! xoxo

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A few ideas

  • mughuggers
  • cases for electronics
  • cases to hold your crayons or colored pencils
  • mobiles (those things that float from your ceiling)
  • handwarmers
  • cosy warm socks
  • a tea set
  • fluffy letters and numbers
  • crochet version of tic tac toe
  • butterflies and a butterfly net
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Guest LilacLittle

I make little crochet flowers and hearts to put on hairpins and as add ons for clothes. I'm currently working on a scarf for my father and then after that, I'll make one for my daddy. I suggest using Pinterest for patterns, they have a ton of crochet stuff! good luck friendos!!!

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One of my crochet goals for 2019 is to make more stuffies because the little Eevee I made was super fun :D

OOOOOOO Pattern pwease!

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