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ldr; ddlg - welp, HELP!


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so, my daddy and i just recently connected a few weeks ago.

honestly, it just seems so perfect.
we sexually compatible and!

we have a lot of cute things in interest in common

(i dont think i've phrased that right, but you know what i mean)


the problem is:

daddy lives in yorkshire, england

i live in chicago subrubs of illinois, usa

:( </3

what can i do to strengthen the relationship?

what can I do to make sure daddy will stay with me

and let me still be his princess?

I really really like him,

not sure if im in love since its only been a week and a half

but i would definitely love to keep him around as long as he wants me.

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My daddy and I met online. I was in Australia, he was in England. We were together online for two years.


He's now here in Australia with me, we've been married ten years, and we're still nuts about each other.


My suggestion is to be open, honest, keep the lines of communication open at all times and don't hide anything from each other. Share your interests, share your passions, share the bad days at work and the grumpy moments. If you get sick, tell him about it. If he gets sick, be there for him. It's no different from a normal relationship except that you can't hug each other and be together physically.


Make sure you talk on the phone about normal stuff as much as the rest of it. Make sure you know each other as people too. And be open about what you want from each other.


I won't lie to you, it's much much harder than a face to face relationship and there's a lot you don't see, a lot that makes you doubt. Be realistic about your chances.


When Daddy came here, we agreed that if it didn't work out, I would help him get home. We didn't go for immediate impassioned declarations. Out of all the couples we knew then who met online, we're the only ones still together so we must've done something right.


I hope it goes well for you :)

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