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Advice needed <3, slipping in and out of little space


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Recently I've been struggling with my little space a lot, generally slipping in and out of it when i know i want to be little at those moments and little things can trigger me out of it. maybe its easier to slip out of it if I'm anxious but i don't like it, any other littles having the same problems? but lately its all hit me, I'm exhausted and need little space but i just can't seem to stay in when i need/want too. I just don't know what to do...


Thank you,


Princesspunzie xoxo

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This is something I struggle with too, but I think it helps to not force it to happen!! Stress/pressure makes you less likely to loosen up. Remind yourself you're safe and okay to let go a little.

That's all I've found so far.

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I think a lot of littles struggle with this, I know I certainly do. I think the best advice I can give you is just to let it happen. Trying to force yourself to get into little space will cause the added pressure to bar you from entering little space. For most people, little space happens when you are comfortable in your own body and headspace, and most relaxed in the environment surrounding you. If you have any stress or anxiety about your littlespace, it’s going to be a lot harder to get into that headspace and stay in it.


Maybe try things that make you happy? Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be “little activities” to help you get into headspace. I know sometimes for me, if I’m trying to get into little space and I try to do “little things” like coloring, watching cartoons, or even drinking from a sippy cup, I get really turned off from it, which makes it even harder to get into little space (at least for me).


Ultimately, you are going to have to find out what works for you the best. Everyone is different and what helps me may or may not help you.


Hope this helps!

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