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Hi everybody! I am a little and I have been for about 5 years now. My boyfriend however is a new daddy. I can tell that he is really trying hard to be a good daddy for me but he still has a ways to go. Are there any tips on how to tell him what daddies do? I'm not sure if he'd be open to talking to another daddy   about it.  :wub: 

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I would be more than willing to chat with him if he wants. Also, if you have not this already, I would give your daddy some very specific things you want from him that he is not doing. That would do a lot to bring you and him closer. Every little is different and has different wants and needs. I always ask any little I have had her needs and desires from her daddy.

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Guest Aetherr

tell him what you want from him and give him the space to learn his own way. This is a journey of self discovery for him and whatever he learns needs to be what works/appeals to him not what you think he should be


just stay close in case he needs questions answered. also im sure if he wants to reach out to other dominants he is capable of doing it himself but if he does want to reach people from this community be sure to send him here!



just keep that in mind

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Guest crazycatdaddy

Firstly, there's a thread here on the forum with a ton of replies and ideas. Not everything will fit or be relevant, but it's a good starting point: https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/51-general-advice-for-new-daddies/


It's a hugely positive thing that he's willing to try. The fact that he is willing to try shows that he cares about you a lot, and just like he needs to learn a lot about the dynamic, you need to make sure you're giving him enough time and not expecting everything to happen overnight. Have you sat down with him and talked to him about what littlespace means to you?


A DD/LG relationship can mean 1001 things depending on the people involved, so rather than leaving him alone and saying "go and read all of these things about DD/LG", talk to him about what being little means to you. Is it a sexual kink? Is it ageplay? Regression? Do you want a strict daddy who gives you lots of rules and doesn't stand for rule-breaking, or do you want a daddy to cuddle with and who'll join you for a tea party? Or some combination? Perhaps talking about having a safeword would be a good idea too if you don't have one already. Some new daddies, at least from what I've heard from others in the community, can sometimes go too hard on the punishment side of things, so having a safeword would be a very sensible idea.


Best of luck to both of you!  :)

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