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Long distance rules for daddy or mommy


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I am a little...and the daddy that I'm willing to have lives faaaaar away from me...so I don't know what rules I could give him and for me and punishments that we'll be able to do since we no live far. Any ideas? :3
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Punishments my daddy and I have are; me spanking myself (usually on call with him), no treats for x amount of time, time out, having to slap my hand/wrist, or loss of privileges.


I also see a lot of littles who have to write lines.


Hope this helps :)

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There's a wonderful post in the Resources about long distance relationships:



I think with the rules you have, it's especially important that you're truthful about the things you did or didn't do. It can be so, so hard to text your caregiver because you broke a rule or otherwise messed up but if everything is going the right way, you'll pretty quickly get to a point where the issue is resolved and you can feel closer and better and all that good stuff. ^_^


Have a look around here, there are other threads about rules and punishment ideas and think about the ones you'd find helpful to have in your life, discuss everything with your daddy and see about which ones you can practice.


As far as my experience goes (which isn't that far but hey, have to start somewhere, right? ^_^) your rules and consequences will need to be revised from time to time anyway. So it's perfectly fine to have some that are fixed and others that are more on a "let's see how this goes" basis.


Hope this helps a little. ☀️ Best wishes to you and have fun

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