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Pizza! And like 3 beef burritos!...until my stomach hurts after and I hate everything lolol! At least it tasted good going down!
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I like a lot of different meals, but favorites include holiday meals like Thanksgiving with turkey and lots of vegetables. Brisket with kasha also goes in this category.


Little me loves eating with her hands, so foods that aren't messy like salads (I do not like dressing).


I am a big fan of steamed/sauted leafy vegetables, cooked until soft or mashed root vegetables like turnips, and braised meat.


Favorite "grain" is buckwheat or kasha. I could have it as a side all the time, especially flavored with beef fat (I add in real tallow, not fake flavors).

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Guest BabyPeach

Vegetarian/vegan Indian food..........all of it, hehe! Veggie pizza as a treat. Vegan chick'n nuggets. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Veggie chili. Fruit. Big salads full of veggies and garbanzo beans and croutons. Pasta salad with veggies. Spaghetti topped with lots of roasted veggies.  .........as you can see I don't eat meat, hehe. :D I will on occasion eat fish (I loveeeee sushi!) or shrimp, but no other meat ever.

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