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What kind of Skincare do I Use as a Little??

Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

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Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

So, I am a single Little, so whenever I wanna be pampered, no one is around to apply stuff on me so I have to do it myself. Which I don't mind. But, when I'm little and wanna take care of myself, the only thinks I can think of is baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby oil, and baby lotion. And there is baby powder and even baby cologne (by Johnson's) too. Essentially, the only "little" skincare/bath stuff I can think of is Johnsons and baby magic. And Aveeno for babies. Basically all baby type stuff.  


But, what about other stuff? As an adult, I need more than just baby soap and baby lotions and baby oil and stuff.


So, what do littles use for other skincare?  And, I don't just mean the normal stuff that you use. I mean stuff that still gives off a "little vibe". Like I want all my skincare to be lowkey littlefied!


Any ideas?

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Guest LittleSnowiii

Deppends on the little I think.

To me I like products that smell super nice, specially with honey or flower scents. They make me feel little.


Johnson baby shampoo obviously is a big one (pretty sure you know it already).


For exfoliating and hydrate my face, I use Bioten peach and honey scent.



For body I enjoy many products by nivea, like the waterlily & oil one. Other times I'll pick something vanilla scented.



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Guest BabyPeach

Cute Korean skincare! Search Holika Holika on Amazon. They're a brand that makes so many cute things that you can try. Also Tony Moly makes super cute skincare that will make little you so happy, but it's adult skincare (just in cute packaging). 


Animal face mask sheets. So cute for little you! You can do a mask once or twice a week.  No need for daily:




A cute hairband for holding back your hair when you cleanse, etc.




I prefer rosewater facial toner (it's pink and it smells good!). Use toner after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer.



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Personally, I prefer to use cute stuff that's also cruelty free. The more natural, the better. The Body Shop and The Creme Shop have very cute items that also feature natural ingredients and are cruelty free. I also go shopping at stores like Marshalls to find skin care items at discounted prices! Shea Moisture has a line of children's and baby's skin care that's super gentle, effective and very moisturizing.
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Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

Bleep Bloop Blop. Stopping by this thread again to just say that now I'm using baby wipes (baby magic brand) to wash my face (as a pre wash), as makeup removing wipes, to clean my ears with, and I use them in place of my Sweet Spot Labs feminine wipes now. So, I managed to little-fy my routine a bit with that.

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- baby oil makes me feel really little after washing or before bedtime

- i love to use glossier skincare because the packaging is soooo cute (and i find that it works)
- milky bath bubble bar from lush makes your bath water all milky and frothy, as well as nourishing your skin. it also looks like a lil milk bottle which makes bath time cute and fun for little ones
- body mists from nspa come in super sweet fruity scents. i have the cherry one and passion fruit one. idk why but smelling sweet puts me in little space


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Body lotions with nice fruity smell work nice for me. They make me feel like I’m a little girl again and need someone big and strong to come and take care of me. I also like wearing cute pajamas and headbands with bunny ears.
I hope I can maintain this image for as long as possible. I’m 22 now, and it still works, especially because I’m generally short and small. 

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