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Rules for a baby boy my mommy has trouble coming up with them


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Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

1. No cursing.

2. Baby eats his vegetables

3. Baby must brush his teeth every morning and night

4. Bedtime is at (whatever time you decide)

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Her Royal Highness, m'lady, *bows*, gave you a really good link to look at!

I just wanted to say that rules are usually catered to the individual and their needs, so what might work for others, might not work for you. As long as you make not to copy another member's rule list, and to customise rules to suit you ^^

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Guest crazycatdaddy

You say that your mommy has a hard time coming up with rules, and I sympathise with that not being a fun situation. But one thing to consider is this: have you talked to her about what rules you might want? Just because she's taking on a "dominant" role in the relationship doesn't mean everything is up to her and she has to do all of the work! What rules have you had before that you enjoyed? What rules have you seen/heard from friends or others in the community that you might want to try? Be proactive and communicate your needs and desires to her. If you don't, you're setting up a very one-sided relationship. And those don't always end well!


Take some time to consider what it is about littlespace that you enjoy, and also what you don't. Without knowing you or your situation, it's very hard to come up with any examples, because as has been mentioned above, rules are very personal and a rule that works for one little could be horribly wrong for another. As a caregiver, I don't have a pre-recorded list of rules that I try to impose on any little that I get involved with. I spend time with them, I talk to them about what rules they've had, what worked and what didn't, and what they'd be interested to try. Working together, I try to build a list of rules that works for both of us. There's no point in having a rule that your mommy doesn't like or doesn't want to enforce, and by the same token, there's no point in her trying to force a rule on you that doesn't work for you or that you absolutely hate. CG/L, like any other relationship dynamic, has to be enjoyable and workable for both partners, otherwise what's the point?


The list linked above can be a great resource, but don't just pick a ton of rules from it without considering whether they're practical, workable, and potentially enjoyable. Communicate with your mommy. Tell her what littlespace means to you. What do you want rules for? Is it purely a sexual kink? Is it because you're a brat who likes to break rules and be punished? Is it a safety net so you know you can't go too far and hurt yourself? Is it for regression to aid you in feeling little? When you have an understanding of why you want rules and what you enjoy most about littlespace, you and your mommy will be in a much better position to work on a list of rules together. Take a look at the link above and read other peoples' lists of rules as a starting point if you like, but be prepared to put in the relationship work necessary to build a list of rules that makes sense and will work for both yourself and your mommy.


Best of luck!

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Hmmm, so the only thing that I can really think of to offer suggestions on is how my Little and I are. 


We don't have rules, per say. But there are things that I try to help and consistently remind him on.

So, my advice is to think about how or what you'd like to do to better yourself. And how can your mommy help with that?

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