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My mom's meeting my daddy

Daddys little Baby_Bear

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My mom (not mommy) is going to be meeting my daddy soon-ish. My daddy and I are long distance and this will also be out fist time meeting in person. My mom knows about him but isn't a fan of our age gap. We do have a large age gap but my mother considers anything more than a year or two "large".


They want to meet each other and he wants her approval but I have no idea how it's gonna go. Any ideas of how to get my mom to like him more or at least get her to be more open minded?

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Age gaps can certainly be a challenge for biological parents. When my Daddy and I first started dating I was very nervous meeting his parents the first time. There's a significant age gap between us, he is younger by much more than a couple of yesrs, I'm also married and I'm genderfluid. Any one of these things would be challenging for most parents let alone all three together.


Now a days I'll stay over at his place and his mom doesn't mind or he'll spend multiple consecutive nights with my wife and I. We're actually spending a few weeks away as a triad this Summer. His mom has even met my wife and they get along very well. That said, his dad doesn't really like me but he tolerates me because his son loves me. This is life.


What's our secret . . . . There isn't one other than being oneself. Trying to be something one isnt is hard and usually backfires in the long run.


You can't get your mom to like him more or be more open minded and honestly even if you could it isn't your place to do so, in my opinion. Whatever relationship will be created between your mom and your partner is between them. Give them space to talk and get to know one another. Dont try and facilitate or mediate their interaction. They are both adults and will figure it out and like one another or they won't.


If you stress over it about all you're going to do is make yourself feel anxious or unwell. You could suggest maybe they text online before meeting in person. My Daddy and my mom (bio) will text one another and I text with his mom.


Let it take it's course and as much as you may want to get in the middle of things try and resist the urge.


Little kaiya

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I've talked to my mom at first before I just pop up with someone (or a daddy). I don't tell her about the relationship, that's a bit too personal, and none of her business what you do, in my honest opinion. Based off of how your mom acts/reacts you could role-play it in your head (that's what I do, like what could go wrong and how to handle it before it happens). I over think things anyways, sometimes that's not the best way, because you start going over board.


Maybe you can do a fun activity instead of just meeting and chatting, that can be a bit intimidating. I think at least. I hope this helps! I would just talk to your mom and then your Daddy separate times on how things will go and what you'll be doing. My mom is a bit like me, liking to have fun doing stuff like putt-putt or something. I've done that in the past with my mom and Owner in the past. It was public (which is a good idea) and interactive so it's just light fun :) 

Tell us how it goes?

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