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Little Space Activities when Alone?


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What kind of things do you guys do when you have to do Little Space when you're by yourself? My Daddy works 3 nights a week, and we normally do Little Space at night, before I go to bed, because I can have a whole bedtime routine. So when he has to work, I don't get to do Little Space. I mean, I text my Daddy to check in with him, or to ask to use the stove to cook dinner, I take a bath, etc. But what kinds of things can I do to regress by myself?


And if people need friends to be alone together with, I'm here! XD

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Guest BabyPeach

Color Daddy a picture. Do your night night routine with a stuffy instead of Daddy. Watch a movie, or show, that Daddy helped you pick out before he went to work. Put on cute jammies and text Daddy a picture of cute little you while he is at work. Have a bottle or sippy cup ready in the fridge to grab when you want it. Snuggle up with your blankie. If you have toys, play with your toys. I would absolutely love it if I could be outwardly little at home (I can't due to my living situation) whether alone or with a partner. 

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Guest LittleBabyBunny5683

I'm also quite interested in these ideas. It's not always possible to have little space with daddy.

I love the idea of daddy choosing things before they leave.

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Guest QueenJellybean

hiya! we have a lot of really great topics about this already! i'm going to link a few here, and close this thread up. 

i hope these ideas help, and be sure to check out what other people have posted as well!







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