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Introducing a Vanilla partner to DDLG?


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My current dating human is pretty vanilla however open to new experiences and is very curious about the things I am a part of. He is nervous and i am wondering if any of you have any good dates/activities that would be a good introduction to being a daddy?


He is open to being a daddy just very nervous. He lets me call him daddy and he is okay with a few of my little things (e.x. Sleeping with my paci & coloring) but i recently got some new stuff and i would really like him to join me in little space.


Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!

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Guest DollyGirly

First, you need to have a conversation as adults and find out his comfort level. You can present him with the idea you choose and see how he responds to it. He might not be ready for full on little space.


I would choose an activity at home. I mean, it would just seem like additional pressure out in public on a date. Maybe watch a movie with him that little you likes and snuggle up with a blankie and your paci and just be little (little me is a talker so you could talk about the movie as you're watching it). You could also break out the crayons and coloring books or toys and be little and just talk with him and let him get to know little you.

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Guest crazycatdaddy

There is a thread on the forum about how to be a new daddy which covers quite a few topics: https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/51-general-advice-for-new-daddies/ It might be worth directing him here to have a read and see how different people approach things.


However, as DollyGirly said above, this needs to be something the two of you discuss. There are 1001 ways for someone to be a daddy or daddy dom. Different littles want very different things from their caregiver depending on what it is about littlespace that they enjoy. So, what does littlespace mean to you? You mentioned you have a pacifier and like colouring, and that's a great start! But what new things did you get, and what (if anything) would you like your partner to do with them? For example, are you the kind of little that wants their daddy to play with them, cuddle them, and join them for a tea party? Or are you the kind of little who wants to draw on the wallpaper, break all the rules, and have your daddy punish you strictly?


Without knowing more about what littlespace means to you specifically it's hard to make particular recommendations. There's not much point in him learning all about how to change diapers if you're not into that, just as an example! So talk to him, explain to him what you'd want him to do as your daddy. Maybe you've read other people's experiences of things they do and want to try it, or maybe you've done things in the past you're keen to do again. However, if you want a really generic example of a soft introduction for a new caregiver, how about inviting him to a tea party? He could meet your teddies, toys, and/or dolls, and see how you play and interact with them. It would be a good introduction to things like playing pretend/make believe, teddies and toys, and most importantly, seeing you in littlespace being your little self.


The other thing to stress is patience. It can take time for a new caregiver to learn the ropes, so try not to expect him to do too much too quickly. It's definitely worth establishing a safeword at this stage too, as I've heard anecdotally that some new daddies can go too hard on the punishment side of things when they're starting out.

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