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Encouraging Daddy


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To the Daddy's out there, how do you like to be encouraged. Or picked up when you're having a hard day? To the littles, how do you cheer up your daddy?

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In a general sense, I typically enjoy anything that would build up anyone, especially a SO. In DDlg, I like all the build ups that would apply, like letting me know I'm doing a good job as Daddy, that I make her happy, etc. Her being cute really helps, doing little things like putting her stuffie in my lap or on my head when she knows I'm not doing well. Randomly messaging me hugs out of the blue just to say, "hey, I'm here and I miss you".


Now, my person I'm interested in now, all it takes is a word. Literally I see, "call?" Or she just says she misses me. Or everything is okay. And it is okay. I've never had that before, but when it clicks, apparently that's what happens

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Guest MommyWitch

Color for them


Write them cute letters


Talk to them and let them know you are around for them


Give them space if they really need it (it is a hard thing to do but sometimes space is needed)


Take cute pics of yourself for them


If you live together make them their fave food


or buy them a small gift so they think of you when they are feeling down


There are lots and lots of ideas


As long as it is you doing something for your caregiver it will make them happy!



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