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help with rules!

little green dragon

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hello! i am troy, a kinda new little >-<; recently became the platonic LDR little of a mommy,

we are helping each other find our way through the community!

she is so sweet and supportive hehe anyway we wanted to make me some 

:heart:  :heart:  :heart: R U L E S  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: 

to write in my diary! I was hoping to hear some rules that other littles have, either as singles or with their CG!

We want to be inspired since we're not sure how many to put in mine, and of what... 

please share your rules if they aren't too personal! I know it can be a really unique and special thing. 


ones we're thinking about already...

drink 8 cups water a day

at least two full meals and 1 healthy snacc a day

taking care of mental health (to be revised)

no cursing in little space!

bedtime at 10:30! 

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Before getting into our suggestion there are multiple threads on rules already. You may want to search those if you're looking for ideas.


For Daddy and I part of the wonderful thing about rules is working together to find out what rules we want and what rules make sense for us to have in our relationship. That process of talking and discovering together is a wonderful bonding experience and one we have found brings us closer together.


Sure, you can always ask others for ideas for rules but then it becomes less personalized to you and your caregiver and it kind of robs you both of the chance to discover rules that are truly meaningful to you both AND understanding WHY that rule or those rules make sense.


A lot of DDlg couples seem to just want to ask others what they do in their relationship. It's certainly an option but why be in such a rush? Why not explore together as a couple? Each to their own and if asking others for ideas is what you want we aren't judging, we're just offering an alternative that can be very meaningful, emotionally fulfilling and create a special and unique bond. Talk to your partner, after all, communication really is the pillar of any relationship.


Little kaiya

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I have a few general suggestions if you're just looking for more ideas. :)


Come up with at least 1 (or another number) of things you're grateful for every day

Try a new food at least once a month (or another time frame)

Tell yourself you love yourself every day even when you don't feel like it

Exercise (of some sort - you can decide more specifics)

Take time to play/relax even if you think you're too busy

Keep your living space clean and free of clutter

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Some that I have are;

-tell when you get sick or get injured

-ask permission for sweets/candy

-ask before doing anything possibly dangerous (I climb mountains and do sketchy stuff like that but this could apply to anything like using the oven/stove or anything that you could easily get hurt doing)

-check in even if you don't feel like it

-don't ignore mommy (daddy for me) even if you're upset

-Always use your manners


That's what I can think of, hope it helps :)

Edited by Daddys little Baby_Bear
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