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Emotional disconnected... advice?

Guest LittleSnowiii

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Guest LittleSnowiii

Me and my daddy truly believe that is important to have "me" time. So I always supported him spending time with his friends (afterall they were there before me!) . I genuinly love seeing him so happy and enjoying himself.

However lately I feel awful. I'm going through alot of health problems and need some attention. Thing is, I've never been a "clingy" person (except when I'm in little mode), so ... how can I be clinggy? What is something I can tell him, to understand I need emotional support?

I don't want to be a burden and put weight on his shoulders, because he already has many things on him. But I'm not sure where to turn and need him...

I miss being little... miss showing my emotions and talking to him in an honest way.

There has been a few times I've asked for us to call or play a game, but he stays for like 30 mins and then goes away. I understand he has a life and stuff to do. But I just feel hurt and kinda put aside.

Am I overthinking? WHat should I do?

I feel we're growing appart and emotionally disconnected...


(sorry is all over the place, just very confused :(

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if it were  me I would try to have an honest talk of what you want and need from him at this moment in your life. But you have to prepared that he may not be able to give you want you want and need from him. That is no fault of your or his. Maybe you and him can reach a compromise of some type.

I wish you the best of luck

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It sounds like the two of you need to have an adult talk about your relationship. You say you dont know how to tell him but you expressed it just fine in your post. Do the same thing except with him versus on an internet forum.


Little kaiya

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Guest TheyCallMeLovely

*little super ultra magical glitter bomb hug*






Frankly, you should have him just read what you wrote.


There are some people who can handle the stress of there life and still want to handle your burdens too because you are important. There are people who also need to be needed and will happily take on more because it makes them happy to be a rock for someone. I’ve found that those people who inherently need to be needed and also know this about themselves are the best Daddies.


Depending on how much effort you both really want to give and how serious the relationship is, it’s going to take a lot of work. Work to see what works for you. Work to see what works for him. Above all, allocating time to purposefully seek what can make both parties happy.


It can be hard when you’ve tried to talk about how you feel and there have been steps made to make you feel better but it’s hard saying “That’s not enough, I still need more.” You start to feel like you’re a nag when you ask for more time.


Some of the best relationships I’ve had were with men who were problem solvers and made sure I was alright and that my needs were being met when they were unsure if I was unhappy. The biggest thing is that they put in the effort and wanted me to share my burdens. None of this could of happened if I never told them from the get go, so talking about it is the focal point.

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