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How do I tell daddy I want a pacifier?


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I’ve always been interested in pacifiers since i began ddlg but i’ve never really told anybody about it. I open up to daddy about onesies, stuffies, coloring books and all that but every time i want to bring up pacifiers or something i just feel like he may judge me. He’s really nice and i love him! I’m just scared he may think of me as a weirdo. I don’t know if i should bring it up as a silly question and take it back as a joke or something else. Help would be appreciated on how i could bring this up to him!
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Being open and honest seems to be the way to go. If you feel like your partner may judge you or think you have to bring up your wants as a joke there is a MUCH bigger issue present. You should feel comfortable with your partner enough to ask without fear of being judged.
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If he loves you he'll be kind with you about it even if it doesn't appeal to him. He doesn't have to like it, but he should be nice about it because you like what you like and it doesn't hurt him, just as I'd hope you would be similarly understanding of him. Just tell him, and if he reacts poorly then you have bigger issues in your relationship than pacifiers.

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as in every relationship (not only DDLG) there is always a chance that our partner would judge us for who we are and what we desire. As a daddy I am open with out judgement to anything a little desires or wants to try. 

What you are feeling is about pacifiers is very common among littles. I have chatted with many littles who wanted a pacifier but were afraid they would looked upon poorly if they brought it up to their daddy.

Here are some things I would tell you. First your desires and wants are as important as are those of your daddy. Pacifiers and DDLG kind of go hand-in-hand and your daddy should know that. I would just be very direct and tell your daddy you have something you want to ask him and tell him you hope he would not judge you. Ask him to 'pinky promise' that he won't judge you. I would ask him this: 'daddy what do think if I wanted use a pacifier'?

I can tell that you are nervous about bringing this to your daddy. 

If by chance he judges you and makes you feel like you are a weirdo, then he might not be the right daddy for you. If he judges for that, I believe there will be lots of other things he would judge you for also. 

If he embraces your longing to use a pacifier, then that will be a good step to developing to create a deeper trust between you and him. 

I hope this helps. Just be strong and take the plunge and see what happens.

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