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    Anyone else love the IRL roleplaying aspects the most?

    little age regression imagination

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    Posted 23 May 2020 - 01:20 PM

    It really brings out my child-self, teehee, Even when I think of myself as a mommy, I love imagining scenarios and playing pretend. Dressed up and all. Normal people wouldn't dare let themselves go into wonderland, as they believe an adult must be miserable or doing adult things like actually having children or being in a regular relationship. I'm aromatic myself, I've been in a few relationships of my own but they never fulfilled anything- love in that regard is just something I lack. I can come off bitter/aggressive or gentle/unaware depending on how you know me, both are inaccurate. I am aware of a lot, I spare no hate, and I can get pretty hyper. My personality best describes a rubix cube, something no one can just assume right away and try to say I'm 'this' and I'm 'that',

    I always see people have such a black 'N white mindset when it comes to adulthood. Hyperactivity is seen as childish and a sign of youth, and really what's wrong with that? What's wrong with being able to balance responsibilities while enjoying yourself personally? If anything, I think these people are simply jealous. I can handle myself fine, I can handle situations fine. So many rude adults out there make me feel so young and not in a good way. I'm 19 and doing damn good for someone who had to deal with the stuff I had to.


    But that's why I like DDLG so much, it lets me secretly give a big ol' 'fuck you' to the weirdos that dictate what you can and cannot be interested in at a certain age. 


    IRL roleplaying is literally my favorite aspect. It's more than just calling your caregiver pet names or behaving younger, I like it when I create entire situations for pretending purposes- maybe even go so far as to create plot-lines. Stuff that would go into fantasy territory, stuff that 'a little kid' and their friends would imagine. 


    Here's an idea.

    I want to dress up as Max from Max 'N Ruby (I'm a girl), and pretend to be him who got turned into a girl. Bunny ears, overalls, striped shirt, the whole package! Then I ran into a thief, who tells me about a prince who could turn me back into a boy again. There we are, on our way on an adventure.

    Something cheesy like that, ya know? All pretend though ; )


    Sexual, non-sexual, mommy, little- doesn't matter! Roleplaying in general makes me so happy. How about you guys?

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    #2 Daddys Baby Princess

    Daddys Baby Princess

      Daddy's little Princess

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    Posted 23 May 2020 - 05:21 PM

    I love rp!! But I also love to be with my daddy in real life ^-^


    I imagine so many scenarios oml

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