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    cute little daddy shy princess

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    #1 Guest_Jadielove13_*

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    Posted 01 August 2020 - 07:08 PM

    What’s your ideal little...?

    Go into as much detail as possible...🍼🍭

    #2 JayJayBiscuit



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    Posted 01 August 2020 - 08:42 PM

    Hmm for me my little would have a good sense of humor
    She’d be a bit shy, very bratty. Clingy enough that if I had to leave for whatever reason she would come running and not let me go but not too clingy that she gets upset
    She would have to be a kitten hehe
    And would love it if she was a nerdy and weebish as me
    And into pranks! Lol

    #3 Guest_jamgeezer_*

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    Posted 02 August 2020 - 07:13 AM

    Definitely a little who I can have fun with, I am a very silly daddy with lots of"daddy jokes" so I'd need my little to laugh at my jokes and also be witty back to me. I also love clingy littles that crave my attention or to hear my voice.
    Another is for my little to have the same or similar interests to me like playing video games or watching movies together etc, I love just doing stuff together with my little

    I'm sure I have a whole list of traits for my ideal little but I'll leave it there for now haha

    #4 Guest_Daddy Judas_*

    Guest_Daddy Judas_*
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    Posted 02 August 2020 - 09:09 AM

    I like my little to be...unpredictable. Full of surprises and excitement about the littlest things. Patient. Implicitly trusting. Understands that I am in Daddy mode 24/7 but is occasionally not up to it during emotional or physical limitations. Likes having their hair brushed. Likes long walks at dusk and picnics in the back yard. Will play video games with me or simply watches me play when it's too scary. Likes being read to.


    Those things bring my shields down for sure.

    #5 Bearly


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    Posted 20 August 2020 - 09:44 AM

    Someone who likes being teased about being too little for things but also likes to be praised and given help. Someone who likes help with grownup tasks like using a knife in the kitchen. Someone I can shower with gifts and likes to play with toys and has similar taste in toys and plushies. Adorable/sweet demeanor, maybe a little bratty.

    #6 LeanBlaster


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    Posted 14 September 2020 - 04:30 AM

    Ideal little? I never thought about it, because nobody is perfect and i dont want to make other think they are not enough i guess?


    But if i had to think a bit about it i would wish for a little that is clingy and caring too like me, the likes anime and games so it would be easier to do and watch stuff together, honest and adorable/cute!


    That would be enough... oh and as much sexual as me, no need to be while being little but someone that doesnt like anything sexual would be bad for me since thanks to bad past events my sex drive is enormus xd

    My your heart be your guiding key!



    #7 Frog


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    Posted 14 September 2020 - 05:52 PM

    There are things I'd absolutely love, but I sort of keep changing my views on an ideal or perfect little. That being said, there are a few qualities I find so very adorable that they'd probably count as "ideal."


    I prefer middles over littles. I like various levels of bratty, from a little bit to cheeky to occasionally being a pain in the butt. As long as it's all in good fun, I like it. So I guess sweet but bratty.


    She'd have to be silly. I couldn't deal with a no-nonsense serious person. We all have times when we absolutely must be serious, but I like silly, goofy, and humorous. I'd love it if she was nerdy. What she's nerdy about doesn't matter much, but I find that attitude of "I like MLP/comic books/Harry Potter/whatever and I don't care who laughs at it" very cute.


    Someone who listens. This is probably true for most relationships anyway, but as a daddy/caregiver, I'd like to know my advice or guidance actually means something. I'm not saying she'd have to use all of it or obey me, but at least I should be treated like a daddy/cg.


    Affectionate or clingy. I've had girlfriends who didn't like any physical touch, and it hurt me. I'd rather have to say, "Hold on for just a minute" than have to ask for even a pat on the back. I've had friends who would latch onto my arm or hold my hand for comfort or safety. Friends would playfully tease them, but I loved every second of it. I love cuddly and snuggly. I give off a lot of body heat, so she wouldn't freeze.


    She would probably need a little stubborn streak. I can be hard to get along with at times, and I'd like someone who can politely say no, we're cuddling or no, you need to go out. Daddies can't always be on 24/7, and we're all adults. So there are times I need that nudge from someone who cares.


    Absolutely 100% must be smart. I'm not saying she must program protein unfolding algorithms or anything. She doesn't even have to read textbooks. But I just cannot deal with people with no drive at all to think or learn something. I've had friends who have no inclination at all to learn or figure out anything. Thankfully my girlfriends have had great brains. I know this sounds like I expect a lot, but I don't need her to be inventing things or reading every science journal. There are personal reasons why I feel this way, but if someone has never had the desire to push their brain even slightly? I'm not sure I could stay in that relationship.


    So.... nerdy, silly, clingy, bratty, funny cutie pie.

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