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How do I get my daddy to engage more?


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Hi, me and my daddy are both new to this and I wanted to know how I can get him to engage more with me whilst I'm in little space. And just in general. He doesn't seem to have a proper grasp of it yet and I'm not sure how to help him with this. Any help please
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It might be good to plan out some littlespace activities that can involve both of you. Or set down a list of things you want/need when in little space that he can do for you. Like getting you food or drinks, choosing movies (or anything else).

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Communication is everything. Talk to him about what it feels like for you to be in little space and what you would like to receive in that headspace. At the same time it would be good to ask him how you can communicate better to him when you are and what you want.
I find a lot of littles, and bigs, expect their significant other to figure it out based on hints or a small talk.
Talk to him and share how you’re feeling, ask him how he is feeling, and see how both of you can communicate better about your needs as they arise.

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Write a list of activities in a simplified manner so he can read and reference it, if he's not pickin' up on it via verbal communication.

Depending on his general attitude towards DDlg, you could have a look for vids on YT to show him? But idk, a lot of them are cringy and make me wanna take my eyes out and put them in my ears so I never have to see or hear them ever again. : D (Sry, I digress) That's obviously not how a lot of people feel, lol


Some people learn by different methods best (e.g. learning by doing, learning by reading, visual learning).

If Daddying isn't naturally part of who he is, then it's gonna be difficult for him to think up ways to do it on his own. So be willing to communicate things to him will be helpful. And there's gonna be stuff he isn't drawn to, which is okay too.


Listin' activities. Cuz listing them will help you to think of what you're wanting to say as well.

Explain your Little Space mindset, and things you might like him to do.

Ask him if there's anything he'd like you to do that would make him feel more Daddyish too (cuz it's not all about Us).

And ask him if he's comfortable with doing "the things" along the way. Y'know, check in with him.


Some Littles are too shy or just snub communication because they don't feel like it's "their job" to educate their Daddy. And I think that is just POOPIES!

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Guest rainbowglo
The truth? People who don't engage are unlikely to be encouraged to get engaged by someone elses efforts. If they don't have that zest and zeal and flair that's just who and how they are. I always suggest only getting involved with someone who matches your energy and enthusiasm. Someone who meets you where you are with their hand held out and says let's adventure together, let's do this? Omg squirrel!!! Did YOU see that squirrel? That shiny, that piece of happenstance that I'm just yearning to share with YOU here and NOW? I know it's hard when we are offered something to hold out for something so very much better, and I'm not saying life isn't about learning. Also not saying you two cannot learn how to do new things together. Each and every day we are all learning, but... Please try not to settle for something less than your little heart and mind desires, and make sure the person you're with is just as invested into the exploration as you are. Edited by rainbowglo
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