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Diaper Curious [SFW]


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Hello all!! 

I come seeking guidance on the topic of DIAPERS! 

to start- i wouldnt consider myself a diaper lover by any means- i genuinly dont think i would enjoy them for myself but i also dont really get to the age that would use them when i get little- and most of my time in kink ive seen it as a hard no for me. BUT, that being said recently ive started likeing them more and more- porbably coming from me exploring my dom side more. Ive started really likeing hte idea of my partner in diapers while in the headspace, ngl While me and my partner both can get sexual in the space, this is in a non-sexual way!

i take care of my partner most of the time, and he can get *super* little. Like almost fully non-verbal, and when i was able to visit him for a bit (its long distance sadly :( ) he enjoyed me doing most things for him while little- and i love it too! That being said, the past few weeks ive been seeing more art that has diapers involved that im finding really cute and enjoying. And since my partner gets super duper little i think he would benifit from diapers and the idea of putting him in them, checking him, cleaning him up- it makes me all soft inside and happy to take care of him like that!

where we are, both of us living with parents, we would not be able to do this like at all- infact my partner has said in the past that he is super not into diapers. I think that when we move intogether he might be open to trying it once or twice- but right now its a no go.But im still super curious about them!

So i guess what im getting at is anyone who likes them/ uses them, what are your feelings on diapers? How do they make you feel in the headspace? a little tmi but do you use them or are they just for aesthetics? Im very interested in learning more before i bring anything up to my partner- and if its in our future its far in the furute too lol- but yeah!!

thanks for reading!! <3

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I think with diapers it just depends on the person. For me, I use them here and there. They can offer a sense of security when I feel extra extra small in little space. They also add on to the feeling of being extra small. It's also another way that my Daddy is able to express his caregiving side by helping with "changes" and whatnot. It can be a really great bonding experience! It absolutely was for us.

If it's something your partner is interested in trying out in the future, I would talk to them about it. See if they find anything appealing about it. If they do, try to nurture those feelings and explore together! Also express how you feel about it to them! If it's something the two of you want to try out, you can always order a small 2 pack and try it out, that way you aren't spending a lot of money on something you're not sure that you'll be into! That's what I did, and it solidified that it was something that I do enjoy. 

I hope this made sense. I'm really tired lolol. Best of luck!


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