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Hi all!


Does anyone have tips on how to be more eco-friendly as a little?
I like walking in nature and I like thrift shopping. :)


What kind of items are more eco-friendly? 

Or are there ways to obtain them in an eco-friendly way?


  - What about pacifiers? I really don't know how I could choose for a more sustainable option.


  - Onesies: I can look for them secondhand or sew them myself from a thrifted stretchy t-shirt.


  - Books: Also good items to obtain secondhand.


  - Bottles/sippy cups: How? I have a glass sippy, but are there more options?


  - Blankets: I have enough blankets, so I don't need new ones. But does anyone have tips on blankets from non-synthetic material? Maybe quilt them myself? Or knit/crochet from cotton yarn? I do like a very soft feel, will I get that with cotton?


  - Other tips on eco-friendly little stuff?


Thank youuuuu! xx

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A metal straw for nice drinkies?  (Like fruit water)

I like having a notebook.. Maybe a self made notebook from scrap paper and a pencil?
I was thinking of crocheting a little cotton pouch and fill it up with nice eco-friendly little space thingies. 

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There are some nice wooden teethers around, maybe something like that instead of a paci ?

Cloth diapers (if you wear)

Bamboo toddler plates, cups bowls

Recycled plastic cups ?

Brushed cotton is pretty soft fabric


Thrift stores goodies I’ve found:

Porcelain Barbie plates, bowl, cup set

Story books

Movies on dvd

Cute wooden toys


Could you make a t shirt quilt ?

A take a long bag for little gear

A fabric playmat (I collect cutie cars)

Crayon roll (if you like colouring) - colouring pencils or beeswax crayons

Wax wraps/pouches for snacks

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