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How do you stay organized?


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All the little space things are taking over!


How do you keep your little things organized?


Clutter drives me crazy! Right now my stuffies mainly sit on a shelf. I have a pretty box for my bows. My coloring books and stuff are in a reusable bag. I'm looking into pretty boxes for my pacis, my sippy cups and little plates...since I don't live in an environment I'm comfortable keeping these things directly in the open.


I'd love to know or see how everyone's things are kept.



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Guest Pouty Kitten

I can't take pictures right now since I'm out of town but I have a huge bookcase/shelf organizer that holds all of my books. All of my stuffies are on my bed and I think I need a bigger bed because it takes up one side of my bed. I keep my pacis tucked away in the pocket of my Rilakkuma stuffie :p

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Well since I am OCD I can totally understand the need for organization. I have all my stuffies on my bed well except for Kiarara since I don't want her getting knocked off by the mean people who like to knock them off (All my others can be washed but kiarara will fall apart if I do so) So Kiarara goes in my drawer under the bed. My binkies go in the drawer in a tupper wear container with my colored pencils and crayons while my coloring books go in the same drawer. My little cup (A elsa cup) is on the desk with my little snowman plate along with my Snowflake bag. And the box my papa sent my collar in sets on the night stand so I has a safe place to put it when I take it off to shower.

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Guest ~Spooky_Ghoul~

Just like LittleSnowflake I have OCD too. I have a crazy color code system and everything has a specific place x3

My coloring books, art supplies and crafting things are all separated I plastic bins under my desk. Top draw pencils crayons markers and such, next is my scrapbooking stuff( all in plastic baggies) sketch and coloring books and my folders for paper and clippingsand finally my last one is my yarns and sewing stuff.


My jewelry boxes and hair things are separated by type and size in two different boxes I found that open with all kinds of compartment so it closes up small. They stay on my dresser with my makeup.


My clothes are all in the closet. I keep them in groups ( dresses with dress, sweaters go next to sweaters etc.) and they are also color coded.


My toys go in my trunks under my bed and stuffies go on the bed. I don't have a long of space and clutter makes me nervous so I have different rules. New clothes mean I have to donate old ones and same goes for shoes because I'm ALWAYS shopping.

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