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Whiny little


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Hey :)

So while I was at the phone yesterday with my Daddy I was being kinda whiny because his phone battery had run low, and we didn´t text/speak the whole day until like 9:30 pm. As I am very clingy and needy it made me a bit nervous and lonely the whole day. When we finally got to talk I talked about how much I missed him in my whiny baby voice, partly also for him to notice that I am super duper in little space and needing his attention. At the end of the conversation he told me that he thinks it´s unnecessary that I´m so whiny and said he really didn´t like it. After that I was really upset, and called him again and cryed and stuff and he said he was sorry and that he didn´t want to hurt me etc. but I still felt really bad for it. And I still do, because I often get whiny. Also I tend to have a pretty negative view of the world sometimes and he also really doesn´t like that.


So my question is, if you are a whiny little what do you do against it?

And if you are a Daddy with a whiny little, what do you do to help her out of it/make it go away?

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Oh and I´m super sorry, the question of course is also for little boys, mommies and any other caregiver/little. I´m really sorry I dindn´t include other relationship forms than my Daddy and I have.

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Guest Pouty Kitten
My Daddy sits me down and has a talk with me. He doesn't like it when I whine so he will ask me to please stop and tell him what's bothering me. I'll take a few deep breaths and explain myself.. It usually works out pretty well.
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Hey Rosi,

I'm VERY whiny myself, and that's totally fine.

I don't think you need to change your behavior, it's a part of your little side and it's attached, everyone's different, even when being a little/middle.

You two still need to have a talk about that, I mean you're a little girl, of course you need attention!

It's totally understandable and I think it wasn't right of your dad to say stuff like that, it just made you insecure!

(It's okay that he doesn't really prefer it, I just think he should've wrapped it up in another way, a way that wouldn't upset you like that.)

I wish you good luck and always feel free to message me. ✿


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