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Chubby lovers


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All Daddies who love thick / chubby littles


post here! Let us thick littles see the daddies that do want us.

Even if you are taken please just say "I love it!" At least or something!

Just to show thick littles that there is hope!♥

tumblr_nkluboHEfQ1rr8sezo1_1280.jpgNot my art, just a display ;-;

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I don't have a fetish for chubby girls or anything, but there are more important things to me than a girl's weight, so I have been with many girls over the years who weighed more than I do.

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I'm a switch with my CG, who is non-binary and also chubby and I LOVE HER!! She's so cute and there's plenty to pinch and squeeze, she's perfect!! 

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