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I stepped on lego and here is what happened.


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NOTE: i suck at English and formatting is my greatest enemy, if you are easily annoyed by spelling and grammar, this post is nsfw.

Today i bring to you a new level of awareness. today i stepped on lego, and this is my experience, as it crippled me and sent me to my deathbed.

I entered littlespace and had build a lego tower. As a dinosaur i became godzilla and then destroyed the tower in my chaotic rampage. and so..

I have faced death itself and my will to live was tested.

sheer willpower has brought me to this deep reflection. i now understand my enemy, i have looked it in the eye, it was birthed from the pits of hell itself.

the lego, were it was forged over 6 years 6 months and 6 days. Hand picked by the devil himself, then sent to this mortal realm we live in and let me tell you..... this is how...

from birth my life has been controlled, shaped and molded into making me the person i am today, People have entered my life, i have learned from them, it has then crafted me as a person to influence my decision on creating a lego tower. from my own will i would of assumed but now i realize it was actually all planned, so when i struck that lego tower in my godzilla rage with the anger in my heart that has been curing over many years, the tower would fall in a way that one lego would drop in the perfect place. and so i take my step forwards, unaware of what evil has been placed infront of me. so clear now yet was blind then. I stepped on that lego and it put me on my deathbed, which i have now experienced and come to this greater awareness and understanding, I Kao, have ASCENDED.

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Guest algernon

Tim Hawkins discussing the subject:


Lego bricks are bad, but have you ever stepped on a d4 in the middle of the night? Friggin caltrops, man...

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At first I was impressed with the click bait title, then I got over that and loved how you put your experience. Beautiful *applauds*
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