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I cant stress how important happiness is. Everyone who knows me, knows i like to grump (a lot) but it doesn't mean i don't appreciate a happy moment when i get one. Ideally i would like to be happy all the time, but alas you have to be a big girl (or boy!) in this cruel world at least 5/7 days a week. I love being a little because it makes me the happiest i feel i will ever be. Its so rewarding feeling like you can just waste a day colouring, or cuddling or dressing up in your favourite outfits.


I've read and heard a lot of negativity in my life, whether it be in person or behind a screen. I'm rather tired of it, I want to promote safety and happiness everywhere I go. Everyone is so black and white these days, but what about the grey? the amber, the reds, yellows, blues, pinks (Which is by far the best colour in the entire universe) 'Give up on your daddy' 'It will happen again, people are all the same' 'what you're doing is unhealthy' I appreciate the concerns, I really do. But I come to people and tell them the hiccups I have for advise and support. Anyone is welcome to their opinion but you should go about it kindly. So many people I know resort to anger and quicker than reflecting and thinking and it upsets me greatly. I personally cannot hold onto anger, it bubbles up until I become a fountain of tears but that's just me personally. Patience is a virtue.


No one but me knows my Daddy, and no one but my Daddy knows me. People are forever evolving and learning from their mistakes and I believe in second chances. I am so proud of my Daddy and who he is and what hes becoming. Hes becoming a man I am so proud to be with despite our mistakes. We may fight, and cry and scream at one another but it ends in loving snuggles every time. I promote safety and happiness always. Listen to your heart AND your brain, what's best for you? forget about everyone else.  People make bad mistakes, it doesn't mean they aren't good people. Everyone judges far too quickly, and yes I may have gotten hurt in the past for loving the wrong people. But I don't regret loving anyone, I learnt my lesson.s when needed and I gave out love because I enjoy loving and caring for people. 


‚ÄčJUST BE HAPPY AND SAFE. DONT HURT ANYONE INTENTIONALLY (Unless youre into that, then consent and safe words always).



‚ÄčLittle Hissy fit over c:


‚Äč~Minx out ~


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Everybody needs to decide for herself when her relationship is over. No number of other people telling her that she should end it will ever convince her, if she's not ready to end it for herself.


I have seen threads here where everyone is telling a little to leave her Caregiver. Often I agree with the masses. But I don't say anything -- not because I don't care, not because I'm not concerned for her, but because I'm sure she feels like everybody is turning against her, and I don't want her to feel like I'm against her too.


Sometimes you can't say "You're making a mistake", no matter how much you want to. Instead, you should say "I'm here for you."

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Guest buddhagirl

My perspective is different. I wish so much that the people who cared about me had said, "You deserve better. You need to end it. This relationship isn't good for you." instead of, "Sorry you're suffering, we're here for you." I needed some real perspective because mine was so wrapped up in him and being manipulated by a master manipulator. So, I will always tell someone now, with love and compassion, when I think they might be in danger. I will always support them if they choose to try to make the relationship work, but I won't stand by when I see something that looks and smells of abuse to me. But that's just me and why I do what I do. 

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Thank you for speaking up about the abusive relationship thing on the forum. Made me feel a little better because that's all I wanted was someone to speak up about my past sexually abusive relationship. Now, my current truly lovable Master, is dealing with the repucussions from the last boy. It was a breathe of fresh air. I actually found out I was into pet play by escaping that past relationship. Sadly my body and miND have suffered but they are slowly getting better. Nerve damage is recovering well after almost 6 months. STOP AND SPEAK UP! Typically, after being in abusive relationships for too long, like in my case, you forget what healthy looks like. I let that boy do whatever he wanted because he was a military man and I thought he was safe. I also thought that if he Hit me during sex, and to be clear, not the fun stuff, literal hit, then he must of cared enough for me... dumb yes, but brainwashing and picking off the weak ones is a "skill set" for some. They use booze, drugs, money, clothes, even persistent stalking/rumors. The worst ones are the ones who say your crazy. ANything to make you question yourself. One person brought it to my attention and that was his boss. HIS BOSS. Not my family, not my friends, a complete stranger that spoke up enough to notice my deep purple bruises. It only takes one person, one friend, one stranger, one employee, to make or break your day. Don't be afraid just because it may cause trouble. My life was saved. And in the process, I met my Master/fiance. Not being hurt during sex is the most wonderful feeling!!!!! Now I get spankings the RIGHT way from my Master.
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