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Pacifiers ?


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Hello everybody. I have a question for all you daddies and littles out there. My girlfriend recently expressed she wanted a pacifier. I was wondering would ones at like target do the trick? Or would I have to get an adult pacifier?

Sorry if this is a dumb question!

I'm very relatively new to the lifestyle. Thanks! :)

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Guest little domi

Not a dumb question at all. The choices are mind-boggling. I think though, it really is a matter of preference to the person who's gonna be using it. I tried to use the ones you can buy off the shelf at Target or the grocery store, and I didn't like them. Loved how cute they are, but they didn't fit my mouth very well. So, I bought an adult-sized one on Amazon and I love it...

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Guest Little.Sharkie

It all depends on the little, some like the adult sized ones because they fit better. I, on the other hand, love my little butterfly one that I got on amazon (it's 18mo+) but I very much dislike my glow in the dark one (12mo+), it's just the shape of the nipple I dislike, not the size, honestly either is okay, but when daddy lets me choose, it's always the butterfly or birdie one (same brand from a 2 pack). I would try the target ones since they are cheaper, if they hurt her teeth, or she doesn't like how it feels, get her an adult sized one.

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I adore soothies pacifiers, you should be able to find one in the drug store, they have a circular nipple that resembles a finger. I still suckle my thumb so the pacifier and thumb are interchangeable for me :)

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